The Predator Holiday Special Is an Instant Stop Motion Classic

20th Century Fox has dropped what could be the next Christmas classic special to celebrate the release of The Predator on Blu-ray. This stop motion gem is titled, “The Predator: Holiday Special”, and it could be one of the greatest stop motion parodies of all-time.

I call it a parody because it clearly takes on the visual style of other Holiday classics such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but does so in a way that would make little kids scream out in horror. Watching a stop motion Predator decimate Santa’s reindeer and an elf is disturbingly satisfying. Not to mention all of the references and nods to the original Predator films, which just make this parody even better.

I definitely wouldn’t watch it with little ones though, because it is extremely graphic. Like on the same level of the movies, if not even more gruesome due to them not being real people. Let’s just say you see the insides of more than a few reindeer.

Head on up above to check it out!

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