The Protomen, a Megaman-driven, Queen-esque Rock Opera group based out of Murfreesboro, TN, has been building steam for their East Coast tour in July. Outside of their two cover albums (The Protomen Present: A Night of Queen, and the recently released The Cover Up), they have released two LPs of original music based off the story from the first six Megaman games from the early 1990s. Not to make it sound even better, but they’re currently writing the third and supposedly final album to finish their own canon.

The Protomen live at The Prophet Bar in Dallas, TX
The Protomen live at The Prophet Bar in Dallas, TX

Act 1: The Protomen was released in 2005 and effectively introduced the setting of a dystopian mining city ruled by Dr. Albert Wiley, a tyrant fueled by the power of his robot regime. Dr. Thomas Light, an old colleague to Dr. Wiley, attempted to craft his own machine to overcome Wiley’s control over the city. Light succeeded in the forging of his first son, Protoman; however, he was ultimately defeated by Wiley’s troops. Megaman was born by Light’s hand some time after the outcome of the battle. Vengeance for his brother’s death is Megaman’s only self-proclaimed purpose – even his father’s attempts of dissuasion do not deter him.

After nearly four years to the day, Act 2: Father of Death finally arrived. Rather than continuing from the story’s cliffhanger at the end of Act 1, the 2009 release behaves as a prequel. Light and Wiley work together to create a mass of robots to replace the citizen’s fatal employment within the mines, a necessary labor to keep the city functioning. The team of two turn on the machines and watch as the robots activate. Without spoiling too much (piecing together the events transpired in both albums is an engaging piece of its allure), Act 2 successfully fleshes out the intricate details of relationships, human potential, and guilt all within the mainframe of the Megaman universe.


Now that fans of The Protomen have been waiting close to six years for Act 3, the excitement is building with their newly announced East Coast tour. Check below for the tour dates. Anyone lucky enough to see The Protomen perform at Baltimore’s MAGFest earlier this year can tell you it’s an entire performance reminiscent of a stage play. Props include helmets installed with microphones, rotating gun-arms, and a thick layer of audience participation that really saturates the show by pulling the crowd together as a whole, instilling each observer with a sense of citizenship to the very city The Protomen created.

Reading the lyrics along with the songs offer great insight – the band adds italicized story elements between the lyrics to help ease their listeners into a conveniently depicted world, narrative, and characterization. Check out the links for their SoundCloud, Facebook, and website for tour dates below. Nonattendance will only beget regret – if you like what you hear, stand up for humanity and support them in the crowd along with your fellow denizens.

The Protomen SoundCloud

The Protomen Facebook

The Protomen Tour Dates

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