‘The Red Strings Club’ Available Now

The Red Strings Club is a retro, cyberpunk narrative about fate and happiness. It features extensive use of pottery, bar-tending and impersonating people on the phone in order to take down the corporation, Supercontinent Ltd, and the crazy conspiracy unfolding in front of you. Supercontinent Ltd. is on the verge of releasing ‘Social Psyche Welfare’: a system that eliminates depression, anger and even fear. Sounds great, right? The bartender of The Red Strings Club and a freelance hacker feel this is not an evolution, but a complete and total brainwashing. Alongside some unknowing company employees and a rogue empathy android, the duo will pull every string necessary to bring down this horrible scheme.

The Red Strings Club is now available on Steam for $15!

I have reviewed The Red Strings Club, so check out the review on EB now!

Click here to purchase The Red Strings Club.


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