On Wednesday, The Rock confirmed on his Twitter page that he will play Black Adam in some upcoming DC film. The Rock had been teasing for quite some time that he was in talks to play a character in a DC movie, and it seemed that it was mostly down to either Captain Marvel (Shazam) or his enemy Black Adam.
Though Black Adam has always been an adversary to Shazam, his origin has gone through some changes. For the New 52 version, he receives his powers from the wizard, the same as Billy Batson (Shazam), which leads to further speculation, albeit a bit of a stretch, that The Rock could portray both characters. For now it is only official, and conceivable, that The Rock will play Black Adam.

The real question is which movie will he star in? Earlier this week, Warner Bros. registered four comic book movie sounding domain names including:

This means that one of the dates Warner Bros. previously reserved for a DC movie could be used for a Shazam movie but it is still entirely possible that the Black Adam role could land The Rock a spot in the Justice League movie.


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