Warner Bros. Interactive has officially released the Slaughter Tribe into, Middle Earth: Shadow of War. The Slaughter Tribe bring their unique weapons and fighting styles to the land of Mordor. Along with the new tribe, there are a ton of new features coming to the game both in the form of the paid DLC and free updates. Tribal Showdowns are fights that let you challenge the Captains of the Slaughter tribe and complete unique challenges. Tribal War Bands are missions that see you aiding your ally and defeating your nemesis whilst the Slaughter tribe brings their own forces to clash. You can now embody your fortresses to match the theme of the Slaughter tribe, which is bloody and glorious. By hunting down legendary Slaughter tribe orcs, you can get the new Legendary Armor Set from the tribe.

There will be a new Endless Siege mode that pits you against Sauron’s forces as he tries to take back Mordor. With the Rebellion update, you will have to crush rebel Ologs and Uruks that have decided to step up against the Bright Lord. There will also be an enhanced photo mode update that will add new filters, frames and textures so you can capture all of the glorious combat in real time! You can view the trailer for the Slaughter Tribe trailer above and check out the tweet for an infographic about the future of DLC plans for the game.

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