The Spirit of Jar-Jar Binks Has Been Found in Metal Gear Rising


Over the past few days I’ve been playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and loving it, but while doing so I’ve come across all sorts of WTF moments.  One in particular really stuck out to me, so I had to share it with you all.  During one of the missions Raiden encounters a young boy NPC who has a dialect that sounds very Gungan-like.  You know, Jar Jar Binks’ people.  Yeah, that asshole.

Anyway, for some reason Platinum Games decided to give this Guyana born lad the same annoying accent as Jar Jar and his people.  He’s so hard to understand that all of his lines are subtitled, which makes me wonder if Kojima enlisted George Lucas himself to write the script for this character.

I may be over blowing things, because maybe people in Guyana really do talk like Gungans, but I couldn’t help but be shocked at how similar this little NPC character sounded to one of the most hated Star Wars characters of all-time.  Check out the video for yourself to see if I’m nuts, or actually onto something.  You’ve been reminded of how much you hate Gungans…


There’s a Jar Jar Binks Impersonator in Metal Gear Rising

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