The Station came about from a kickstarter campaign to create and amazing sci-fi story for you to experience first hand through the exploration of a small space station. The core directive team is made up of triple-A veterans, who helped to create games like: Bioshock Infinite, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sleeping Dogs, and much much more! The premise of the game is this: an alien civilization is discovered, that challenges many of our ideals, but they’re stuck in a civil war. A covert space station with a small three person team is dispatched to study this planet and its inhabitants so it can be determined if it is indeed possible to create a peaceful relationship with these aliens. The spaceship goes dark, you play the role of a recon specialist, who is sent to check the status of the crew and see what happened to them.

I’d like start out by saying that this game just looks amazing, you can really see all of the detail that went into the environment and the overall player experience. Doing a quick run through of this game does not do it justice as there is just so much to explore and learn. The more you look around, the more is revealed about the crew that you’re searching for. Amazing story elements that would otherwise be missed. The environment is full of augmented reality moments to help tell the crews stories, or moments, even the games menu is in the style of AR. The atmosphere of this game is fantastic as well, some creepy “I’m not supposed to be here” vibes definitely keep you looking over your shoulder. The characters all have very unique bedrooms that speak to their personalities.


The movement system for the game is pretty simple, as you can only walk, run, crouch, and pick stuff up to examine it. The menu interface was a bit more convoluted as the ok button isn’t what you’re first or second instinct is but it doesn’t take long to figure out. I definitely didn’t have any trouble getting around, even with some of the puzzles requiring you to carry stuff or put in codes. The puzzles are fun to figure out and rewarding, and so are some other one off moments in the game, like an area that lets you create your own modular space station model.


This game was definitely a great experience for me, I sat down for four hours and played it straight through, and I’m sure I still didn’t find all of the secrets. The ending and characters had me awestruck. If you like storytelling exploration games I’d strongly recommend you give it a go, heck even if you haven’t played one, I’d still recommend trying it out with how well done this game was. You can pick it up on February 20th, for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4! If you’d like to read anymore about the game’s background here’s a link to the Official Website and here’s a link to the Kickstarter Page.

'The Station' Review

Story - 9
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 10
Sound - 8.7
Entertainment Value - 8.5


Storytelling done right!

Sci-fi exploration and storytelling done right, this game is an experience worth having!


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