The Super Best Friends Launch the Hypest New Website

The Super Best Friends Zaibatsu, one of the internet’s most watched gang of Let’s Players, have taken their talents to a whole new level, launching a brand spankin’ new website earlier this week.

The website, SuperBestFriendsPlay, is the definitive way to stay in the loop with all of the Zaibatsu’s videos, as it contains all of their current projects as well as an archive filled with the group’s earlier efforts. In addition to the video bank, the new website also serves as a one-stop site for information regarding the member’s personal streams, weekly Podcast and merch store.

Fans of Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam have countless reasons to be excited about this new website and those who have been foolish enough to not delve into the Super Best Friends’ world have the perfect jumping off point.

Matt and Pat are currently haunting their way through Murdered: Soul Suspect, Pat and Woolie are in the midst of Lordran in Dark Souls II and the whole gang have been battling through some of the video game world’s worst superhero title throughout the month of July.


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