I’ve been T PAX East the last two years, and both times I have run into the Super Soul Bros. playing their music and doing their thing. This past PAX East, I actually stopped and listened for a solid 20 minutes, because every single song that they played was just snazzy. That’s really the best word for it, it’s the kind of stuff I’d expect to hear in a nerdy cafe somewhere while I enjoy my caramel macchiato.

These guys clearly love what they do, they have fun playing music, and it shows when they play, their little corner was just fun. They had their music on physical CDs that you could pick up for just a few bucks, they had stickers, shirts, yadda yadda. The coolest item they had was all of their music on a USB drive, but the USB plug came out of a customized SNES cart with their logo on it! The best thing they had there, though, was their instruments, because they just played and played all day long, serenading passing people.

This isn’t a review, per-se, of their music, because I’m not here to give them a grade or assign them a number, I’m here to spread the word about these guys. Keep in mind, they didn’t give me their music, I bought all three of the CDs that they had available there, I made no deal with these guys, so this is in no way sponsored or anything. They totally deserve every cent they make off their music, because it’s awesome!

The thing that kills me is that they are criminally underrated and under-observed, they deserve asses in seats and for people to be listening to their music. Every tune they cover is jazzy, funky, smooth, and just a joy to listen to, the kind of stuff to read a good book to or just have a cup of tea on the porch to. I’ll link to a few of my favorites below, as well as their socials, make sure you guys take some time to listen, like and subscribe to these guys, you won’t be sorry, and they totally deserve the attention!

If you guys like what you heard, make sure you subscribe to their Youtube, follow them on Twitter (which is actually pretty funny), like them on Facebook, and go to their website! Their website has all of the stuff I’ve already mentioned, plus some cool info on the band, access to their store (buy their shirts and prints, they kick ass!) and buy their music from there! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and discovered one of your new favorite videogame music cover bands, I love these guys, and I hope you will too!

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Nathaniel Smyth

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