The Surge is a game that asks what would happen when an organization designed to save the world doesn’t work out as expected.

Teased in a new E3 trailer, The Surge bills itself as a dystopian, science-fiction RPG. Developed by Lords of the Fallen’s Deck13, The Surge is promises intense combat and an engaging, gritty story.

It’s fitting that Deck13 is behind The Surge, as the game’s trailer prominently features characters in hulking exo-suits. Lords of the Fallen was full of bulky, fantasy-inspired armor, and it seems that The Surge continues the studio’s tradition of big-ass characters, this time borrowing from Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat.

Though The Surge’s trailer is quite short, there’s enough there to raise some interest in the game. A good sci-fi RPG is increasingly hard to come by, and hopefully The Surge’s spin on the genre is one worth spending time with.

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