The Swindle, billed as a ‘steampunk cybercrime caper’ will be bringing its ultra-stylish pilfering to the consoles later this year. The announcement of The Swindle’s imminent release came following a partnership between Size Five Games and Curve Digital.

By working together to develop and publish The Swindle, the platforming, sneaking, and bludgeoning featured extensively in the game will now be able to reach an audience across all major home consoles. Dan Marshal, owner of Size Five Games, spoke highly of the partnership, stating: “Working with Curve [Digital] means that I am able to bring out a high quality console version of The Swindle at the same as PC, which allows me to spend my development time on finishing up the PC version.”

The Swindle was initially announced for the PC in 2011, but was cancelled in favor of Size Five reworking the game’s concepts from the ground up. Now, alongside the partnership with Curve Digital, The Swindle looks better than ever.

In addition to the news of The Swindle’s console release and the partnership between Curve Digital and Size Five Games, a handful of in-game screenshots and a fancy trailer for the game have also been released today, showcasing the interesting aesthetics and core gameplay elements of this promising robbery-centric platformer.

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding The Swindle.


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