The Tapping Dead 2 Kickstarter Preview: Touching Towards Victory

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The zombie-infested, one touch mobile action-platformer, The Tapping Dead’s developers have officially launched a Kickstarter page for their planned sequel – The Tapping Dead 2.

Crazy Cricket has a lot planned for The Tapping Dead 2, as they explain on the official Kickstarter page, and are hoping to find crowd funding in order to ensure that they make not only the best possible game, but also the game that fans truly want.

The Tapping Dead wowed countless players when it was first released for the unique way that it combines simple, one touch controls with constantly escalating difficulty that truly put the player’s skills to the test.

With The Tapping Dead 2, Crazy Cricket wants to improve upon the addicting formula of the first game, while implementing new features that build upon the base gameplay experience.

The Tapping Dead 2’s classic mode will be immediately similar to those with experience in the first game, but will be expanded with four meaningful additions to the gameplay. In addition to the classic gameplay, The Tapping Dead 2 will feature a story that is fully developed within the game, the ability to manipulate various environmental factors, divergent and different paths for the player’s character and considerably larger scenarios.

These new additions would surely be enough to justify seeking crowd funding for The Tapping Dead 2, but Crazy Cricket has much more in store for the game.


In addition to the improved classic mode, The Tapping Dead 2 will feature two new game modes, and a complete level editor. The two new game modes – Panic mode and Summon mode – offer a completely different feel from the tradition gameplay of The Tapping Dead.

Panic mode will throw the player into an adrenalin fueled race against the clock that will have time slowing down, allowing for manipulation of the game’s stages. Utilizing the environmental advantages will be the key to survival, allowing for the player to move ladders to escape or drop ledges onto zombies.


Summon mode looks to be one of the most interesting addition to The Tapping Dead 2, and takes a decidedly Pokemon-esque approach to conquering enemies. In Summon mode, players will use their own zombies that they have captured to defeat those in their way. Summon mode encourages players to capture various zombies to be utilized at different times, allowing for the player to recruit a veritable zombified army.

Crazy Cricket has high hopes for their level editor and aims to utilize the game’s easy control scheme to the player’s level designing advantage. By incorporating all of The Tapping Dead 2’s in-game assets, players will be able to efficiently build their own challenges and share them out to other players easily.

All in all, there is no denying that Crazy Cricket has tons in store for The Tapping Dead 2. According to their Kickstarter, The Tapping Dead 2 will take $25,000 to be fully funded. As expected, Crazy Cricket has loaded the Kickstarter page with plenty of backer rewards that sweeten the deal for those who aim to help fund the project.

The Tapping Dead 2’s Kickstarter page will run for thirty-eight more days. For more information about The Tapping Dead as well as pledging options, head to the official Kickstarter page here.

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