The Third Nolan/Bale Batman is Set For July 2012…

The next installment in the “good” Batman movies will debut July 20, 2012 according to Warner Brothers.  I guess the project hasn’t even been green-lit yet, so the announcement is odd, but why wouldn’t there be another Christopher Nolan helmed Batman movie?  He and Bale have made the two best Batman movies we’ve ever seen on the big-screen, and they’ve made Hollywood lots a cash, so why not make some more?

The only official details are that the 3rd Batman will be directed by Chritopher Nolan and his brother John, with David S. Goyer penning the script.  I guess they pulled Goyer away from his “Flash Forward” project to get moving on the script, so hopefully it’ll be better than the last couple of “FF” episodes.  Currently, the plot of the next Batman movie isn’t clear, but there are some rumors as to what it may focus on.

Bret Sprecher of has some inside knowledge that the following plot points will be in Batman 3:

1. The primary villain will be The Riddler, who will discover Batman’s true identity.

2. Arkham Asylum makes a return from Batman Begins as a key locale.

3. Other classic Batman villains will be injected into the story, including the Penguin and Mr. Freeze (who will be Dr. Fries).

4. Barbara Gordon will be featured prominently in the story.

5. Commissioner Gordon will reference Metropolis – and perhaps Lex Luthor by name – in the story.

You can check out his original article here, to see which of these items has any validity or not.  It looks like the only rumor that may have no merit is the one about Mr. Freeze.

Batman 3, as it’s known now, is shaping up to be another great entry in the Nolan/Bale Batman franchise.  Look to the sky for the E.B. Bat signal to get more updates as they come in.  You’ve been bit by the Bat…

E.B. “Making you a better geek, one post at a time!”

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