The Three Most Interesting Moments from The Walking Dead: The Big Scary U

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We got a Negan heavy episode of The Walking Dead last night, and it revealed a bit more about the show’s big bad, while also pushing the “All out War” plot of this season a bit further. It was one of the better episodes of this season, mainly for giving us a few insights into the psyche of Negan himself, but it still didn’t feature an iconic moment, or one that fans would be talking about for years. There was a ton of dialogue, but in general the episode lacked a bit of tension, which has been missing from this season in general.

While the episode was generally passable, it only had three standout moments that either shed light on a main character, or helped to setup future events, so those moments will be discussed below. They’re generally listed in the order that they took place in on the show, so there is no rankings per se.

1. Rick and Daryl Scuffle

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If you thought Rick and Daryl were the best of bros who could never let something divide them this episode proved you wrong in a big way. After finally securing the weapons cache we’ve seen them chasing most of this season the two disagree on how to use some new found explosives. Daryl wants to blow the savior compound to pieces to get the war to end quickly, while Rick doesn’t want to harm the innocent workers. First off, this is a weird stance by Rick who just a few episodes ago was blindly firing bullets into the savior compound, so within a few hours he now doesn’t want to aimlessly hurt any innocent savior. Ok, sure. What ensues is a fight in which the two beat the tar out of each other, and during the scuffle they happen to blow up all of the damn weapons they fought so hard for in the first place.

This scene is important because it showed a slight crack in Rick and Daryl’s bond, but it also left their forces without a stockpile of heavy weapons, which could bite them in the ass before everything is all said and done.

2. Gabe and Negan Confessions

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This episode finally returned to Gabe and Negan, who we last saw holed up in a trailer surrounded by walkers. It’s made clear early on that these two aren’t in leagues with each other as the Internet has speculated, but it isn’t until the end of the episode that we get any real meat out of them. While holed up Gabe reveals that he believes he’s with Negan to hear his last confession, which Negan eventually gives up after also revealing that he previously worked with kids. Negan tells Gabe that his biggest regret so far has been not having the balls to end his wife’s life after she turned to a walker form being ill. This in turn persuades Gabe to work with Negan to escape the walkers, which they do with the old walker gut cologne trick.

The importance of this scene is mostly in revealing a few more layers to the character of Negan, who we now know actually considers human life to be very precious and an important commodity in his system. We also learned that through his absence his saviors struggle to exist without him, so his importance and effectiveness as a leader are made even more clear.

3. Eugene and the Red Paint

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The last major moment from this episode comes towards the end after Negan and Gabe make it back to the compound. Negan is meeting with his lieutenants to assess the situation and they all agree that someone from the inside has been helping Rick and his forces. Of course everyone naturally considers Eugene to be the mole, but thanks to an earlier visit to Dwight’s apartment by Eugene, he learns that Dwight is the rat. This revelation comes courtesy of Dwight’s custom chess set, which Eugene saw and touched while visiting Dwight. When he touches a pawn he gets red paint on his fingers, and it just so happens that some evidence of colluding with Rick also sports the red paint on it, so Eugene easily puts the puzzle pieces together and realizes that Dwight is the traitor.

This scene’s future impact on the show’s narrative is extremely high, because now we know that Eugene is in on to the Dwight rat secret, so it’ll be interesting to see how he uses that knowledge moving forward. He’s also been directly tasked by Negan to solve the mystery, so clearly this information will weigh heavily on his soul as he decides what to do with it.


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