The Top 10 Moments We Want To See in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Apparently Solo: A Star Wars Story is still coming out this May, even though not a single bit of promotional material has been released for it. We don’t have a poster, nor do we even have a concrete timeframe for the film’s first trailer, which is very odd considering that it’s five months away from hitting theaters. To put things into perspective, we got the first trailer for The Last Jedi in April of 2017, which was eight months prior to the film’s release, and The Force Awakens got its first tease a whole year before it hit theaters. So it’s very odd, and at this point troubling that Disney and Lucasfilm are keeping Solo so heavily guarded. I guess it’s not a huge surprise considering all of the turmoil surrounding the film and the firing of its original Directors, but considering the film was never delayed like Episode IX, it’s still worrisome that zero promotions have been release for it.

With that being said I’m still looking forward to Solo’s release, because, well, it’s a new Star Wars movie to watch! Unlike some other fans I will gladly watch new Star Wars movies every year, just like I do with Marvel movies, so I’ll take whatever Disney and Lucasfilm have to offer. With that being said I sat down and thought about what I’d like to see take place in Solo in the form of its iconic moments. You know, scenes that stand out for nostalgia sake to give nods to the Han we all grew up with and wanted to be, or at least wanted to hang out with. I came up with 10 total, and many of these moments are ones that have been touched on in what is now considered Star Wars Legends, or from lines we’ve heard in Star Wars movies.

While these moments are all fan speculation, I guess I should offer up a SPOILER warning for those of you who don’t want to possibly read any spoilers if I happen to be correct on any of them.

Potential SPOILERS, you’ve been warned!

May the Force be with you, always!

The order of the list is ranked in what I believe would be the chronological order that they would play out if they actually are present in Solo.

1. Han as an Imperial

by Whybother

There’s a great chance we won’t see Han as an Imperial, mostly because that narrative comes from Star Wars Legends now, and is no longer canon. For a time though, young Han was enrolled in the Empire’s military academy, and was training to become an Imperial officer. I just think it’d be a cool nod to the Legends tale about Han, as well as establishing the fact that this heroic character at one point in time was playing for the bad guys. It would also show us early on that even while Han is a rogue, he still knew that what the Empire was up to was wrong, so it would be insightful to see this conflict within him at an early age.

2. Han Saves Chewie

Unless you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie, then you know damn well that we will see the first time Han and Chewie meet in Solo, which should be during a rescue of the Kashyyk warrior by his future best pal. In Star Wars Legends and the newer canon, one thing remains fairly the same, and that’s the fact that Han saves Chewie from some sort of imprisonment. I believe in the Legends tales Han was an Imperial who saved Chewie from a life of slavery for the Empire. This is why Chewie pledges a life debt to Solo, and also why Han’s days with the Imperial fleet were limited.

I have a feeling that in Solo Chewie will still be a prisoner or slave for the Empire even if Han isn’t a part of it, but Han will indeed rescue the big furry guy. Even though Han plays a tough, heartless rogue, he’s still a sucker for doing the right thing in the end, so regardless of why Chewie is locked up, or what Han may be doing at the time, we will see Han save Chewie’s life, and therefore we shall witness the beginning of his life debt to the galaxy’s worst smuggler.

3. Han’s Ship Pre-Falcon

Let’s face it, Han and the Falcon go hand-in-hand, but don’t you want to know what he was flying before he won the Falcon gambling against Lando? I know I do, mostly because of how proud he is of the Falcon, which to me shows how thankful he is to own it. Therefore, whatever he was piloting before had to be a supreme junker. I just want to see what Han and Chewie were whipping before the Falcon, because I feel it would be a cool revelation that will add a bit more flesh to the character of Han Solo. How crappy of a ship did he have to think that the Falcon is one of the best ships in the galaxy, which let’s be honest, is only held in that regard by Han himself. Everyone else he comes across and sees the ship describes it as a piece of junk, and we do see it break down constantly in the original trilogy, so Han must’ve been piloting a ship held together by duct tape before he won the Falcon to hold it in such high regard.

4. Han’s First Meeting With Lando

I do believe that Lando will play a major part in Solo, so I’m hoping to see their first ever meeting. I really hope that they’re not already acquaintances by the time we see them in Solo, because I want to see how these two iconic rogues came to meet in the first place. I want to see how they interacted with each other, because quite frankly I can see their relationship being a bit contentious at first. I envision these two being competitors before bros, so I would like to see how that plays out on the big screen.

5. Han Wins the Falcon


This is a no brainer choice, we will see Han win the Falcon from Lando in a game of Sabacc in Solo. If we don’t, then Disney and Lucasfilm are on drugs, because this moment is one of the most iconic moments in Han’s life. It defined him, because the Falcon defined him, so seeing him win it from Lando will be spectacular. As an added bonus I can also guarantee we will see Han use the dice we saw in The Last Jedi to win the Falcon as a callback to the dice’s appearance in Rian Johnson’s film. I also think this moment will be interesting, because it will show more of Lando and Han’s relationship in its early stages, because I don’t think they were as chummy as they appeared in Empire before Lando sold him out. There’s a reason Lando acts like a dick the first time they meet on Bespin, so I want more backstory on their bond during the early parts of their friendship.

6. Han’s Infamous Kessel Run

Like Han winning the Falcon, I do believe this moment is a no brainer for inclusion in Solo. Han boasts about his less than 12 parsecs run in A New Hope, and it makes its way into the lore of the galaxy during the new trilogy when we hear Rey talk about Han’s feat. More importantly, it will show exactly what the Kessel Run is considering that many fans still think a parsec is a unit of time measurement. It’s actually a unit of distance, so it will be nice to see how the run plays out once and for all.

7. Han and Fett

These next three moments are unlikely to play out in full on exchanges between Han the chosen character, but even in a casual capacity I’d love to see them cross paths in Solo. The first character I want Han to come across is Boba Fett. These two were heavily linked in the original trilogy. It felt like they had a mutual respect for each other even though they were on opposite sides of the galactic conflict fence. It felt like Boba was consumed with capturing Han to get Jabba’s bounty, so I’d like to see if these two crossed paths in their younger years. I want to know why Boba has such a hard on for Han. Did Han make him look like a fool at some point? Did they compete for smuggling contracts? I just want to know how they first became aware of each other, so Solo is the perfect film for these moments to take place.

8. Han and Greedo

Like Fett, I feel that we need to see even just a small exchange between Han and Greedo. It would add more juice to their iconic showdown in the Mos Eisley cantina, and possibly flesh out why Greedo hates Han’s guts. Even if it’s just a casual interaction, like Fett, I’d love to see how these two first became aware of each other. Maybe they worked the same jobs, maybe they both worked for Jabba and were somewhat friendly. Who knows, but I do think it’d be awesome to see them in the same room together in Solo if anything else.

9. Han and Jabba

Unlike the previous two characters that we know Han had known before we first met him in A New Hope, I think Han meeting or interacting with Jabba in Solo is a forgone conclusion. Jabba and Han’s thread in the original trilogy was a major one. Hell, it led to Han getting captured and placed into carbonite, so I think it’s a natural fit for a key plot thread in Solo. Han meeting Jabba could lead into other moments on this list in fact. Such as Han in the Kessel Run, which may take place while he’s smuggling spice for Jabba, or Han running into Greedo and Fett, who could be mingling in Jabba’s palace if Han checks in with the slimy gangster. If anything else, we need to see Han take on the spice smuggling job from Jabba, which ultimately gets him in the pickle we see him in the first time we meet him in A New Hope.

10. Han Ditches Jabba’s Shipment

This is another moment that I think is inevitable for inclusion in Solo. It’s a key moment in Han’s life that is reflected heavily in the original trilogy, because it is what drives Han’s motivations. He’s hellbent on paying back Jabba for ditching his shipment of spice when he was boarded by Imperials, which is the only reason he and Chewie take on Obi-Wan and Luke’s contract. All he’s focused on in that movie is paying back Jabba, and you can clearly tell that he’s stressed out from having a bounty on his head because he owes Jabba a ton of credits, so I want to see how he gets into this predicament, and how it all plays out. The only reason it may not make Solo, is due to the timeline the film is set in, so Han’s ditching of Jabba’s spice may be too close to the events of A New Hope, but I still think the scene can be pulled off.


There you have it. Those are my personal choices for the top ten moments I would like to see in Solo, so feel free to leave your own choices down below. Of course, feel free to rail on my opinions if you don’t agree with them, because that’s what the comment section is for on the Internet after all.


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