Avengers: Age of Ultron is now in U.S. theaters, and it will probably go on to make a gazillion dollars because it’s just as epic as the last Avengers film, but also because it sows many seeds for the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is packed with high octane action set pieces and plenty of emotionally charged moments, especially with the Hulk and Black Widow, but also the team’s dynamic, which becomes a bit frayed throughout.

After my first viewing (I anticipate at least one more) I can’t help but reflect on what I saw, and in doing so I keep focusing on a few specific moments that stand out as some of the best scenes in Avengers: Age of Ultron. With that being said I had to break down my ten favorite scenes, so naturally I settled on the listicle below. I encourage you to sift through my choices and let me know how dumb, or possibly how right I am for picking them by leaving a comment. We probably won’t agree on every choice, but I have to image more than a few of mine will also be on your list of favorite Age of Ultron moments.

There will be SPOILERS, so proceed at your own risk.

10) The Twins redeem themselves


The Maximoff twins were first introduced during the post-credit scene in The Winter Soldier, but in Age of Ultron it’s revealed that they voluntarily signed up to be a part of Strucker’s experiments because they hate Tony Stark for his missiles blowing up their town. They eventually team up with Ultron with the sole purpose of killing the Avengers, but after Scarlet Witch realizes Ultron’s true intentions, they get their shit together and team up with the good guys. Scarlet redeems herself in grand fashion, but Quicksilver’s redemption is even more spectacular thanks to the ultimate sacrifice he makes to save Hawkeye and a little kid.

9) Fury’s SHIELD and the Hellicarrier make a grand return


Those who have been watching Agents of SHIELD knew Fury’s return was inevitable, but the appearance of a Hellicarrier during a key moment of the climax is definitely a nice surprise, and as Cap said it signals the return of what SHIELD should be. One would assume that this will have an affect on the TV show during its final few episodes, but the scene itself was just one of those “F*ck yeah the good guys are here!” moments.

8) The birth of Ultron


Ultron is given life when Tony and Bruce discover an advanced AI in Loki’s scepter, but it isn’t until they leave the AI alone that Ultron shows his true side. I loved the feeling of flying through data blocks during his inception as Jarvis tried to explain to him what was going on. Once aware of his potential, Ultron shows his dark side by murdering Jarvis, which could be one of the first bodiless AI on AI deaths to ever be featured in a movie. One must also love Spader’s delivery of his lines, and the ultimate form Ultron takes, making him a very imposing looking villain.

7) Thor’s Mjolnir test


This particular scene makes this list solely for the comedy factor it injects into Age of Ultron. During a party at the Avengers HQ, Thor’s hammer trick is called into question, so the team all try to flex their muscles and pick it up. Tony resorts to his power gloves, Banner scares the shit out of everyone with his “I’m turning into the Hulk” joke, but the best moment is when Cap manages to slightly lift the hammer, which causes a concerned look to come across the face of Thor. What makes this joke even better is the return to it later in the film when The Vision just casually picks it up like it’s a regular hammer. Again, Thor’s look, and those of the team are priceless during this particular moment.

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