The Top 5 Best Most Amazing Things about Tom Clancy’s The Division

1) It’s New York, innit.


If there is one place that is sadly neglected in films, books, games and television, it has to be New York.

Shit, I actually forgot the city existed. It feels so new, so fresh, so amazingly unfamiliar. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing New York as the location of choice for almost everything. Seeing that sun rise between the tall buildings, punching holes through the crisp winter air as you punch holes through body armour and loot the looters. This is why you get up in the morning.

 2) Grinding.


If you thought the end game of The Division was going to be a tense adventure through the Dark Zone, never knowing whom to trust, then think again because that sounds as boring as watching MOBAs.

It’s actually a genius concoction of loot-run/grind loops that will see you spend hour after glorious hour fighting through the same enemies to earn DZ XP. Grind through to DZ LVL 30 and you will be able to purchase some obsolete fantastic gear to help you on your way to DZ LVL 50 where you can buy some slightly less obsolete even more fantastic gear. Don’t worry, this quickly becomes a worthwhile reason to get up in the morning.

3) More grinding.


The Division has another layer of grinding thrown in: Phoenix Credits.

These must be the Division’s eqivilent of BitCoin or something, as suddenly your cash is no good for high-end vendors. Instead, they want the hard earned Phoenix Credits you just spent the last three hours getting. From the 1 or 2 credits you get from defeating certain enemies, or the totally substantial 60 you get from a challenging daily mission which sounds like total bull-shittery, but it is incredibly good fun. It’s the only way to purchase the best gear and it soon becomes the reason to get up in the morning.

4) Needy civilians.


You are a sleeper agent and have been activated to help bring the city under control. After the virus hit many areas were devastated, and much of the population perished in the ensuing chaos. Thousands of dead line the streets, wild dogs literally shit all over the place, violent gangs lurk around every corner and in the midst of all this, a needy pleb begs you for a can of Tennants Super.

In fact, they beg in the midst of a boss fight, or stumble blindly into a quarantine zone, throwing caution to the wind – as they don’t wear protective masks such is their craving for a Mars bar. You give what you can and satisfied, they dump a beige neck warmer on the ground, to go with all the other beige and brown clothing that you have, as they saunter off stuffing their greedy fucking face. This is why you became an agent, went through the rigorous training and were brain-washed to live a normal life. This is why you get up in the morning.

5) Next level grinding.



Remember Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? It was released way back on PS One, remember it? Remember the grinding? It was fun wasn’t it? Well The Division has more grinding than that. In fact, it has more grinding than all of the the THPS games put together, so that’s like five times the fun! Rather than layering the game with many boring interlocking and deep/complex systems, The Division simply asks you to grind relentlessly at the same missions and areas until you reach an arbitrary number of XP/Phoenix Credits and….wait for it…Division Tech.

So yes, although you can grind to buy gear with Phoenix Credits, you craft them using Division Tech. Amazing right? So now you need to make sure you plot your grind loop/run to include as many Division Tech chests as possible. That’s if they haven’t been looted already, which they most probably have, but don’t despair! Every 100 or so goons you riddle with 600 or so head shots, you will be rewarded with one whole Division Tech! This is the reason to get up in the morning.


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