June, at least as far as months go, is often synonymous with fun. The sixth month brings with it warm weather and summery good times. June is a month of laughter and enjoyable moments.

For the video gaming crowd, June isn’t always the best month. With the summer months rolling in, major game releases tend to dry up, with the games industry shifting their focus to E3 and other big trade shows. While the first half of the year almost always brings a handful of great new releases, June is often the start of the mid-year crawl, lasting until the holiday season.

Despite June’s traditionally less-than-stellar video game schedule, the upcoming month does have a couple of games worth checking out. From the Caped Crusader’s latest epic, to LEGO-laced adventures with dinosaurs, the games featured below are the five games worth playing in June 2015.

5) Massive Chalice:


Double Fine’s second Kickstarter-funded game, Massive Chalice, officially releases on June 1, 2015. Headed up by Brad Muir, Massive Chalice is a turn-based RPG that centers on a generation-spanning effort to defeat a lingering evil force.

Inspired by genre classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and X-Com, Massive Chalice tasks players with managing a kingdom for hundreds of years, selecting and grooming new heroes, and defeating some ugly foes along the way. SRPG enthusiasts who haven’t played Massive Chalice during its Early Access period would be wise to check out this delightfully inspired title when it finally comes out.

4) Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition:



The gaming world can never get enough of Dante. The white-haired badass has endured a lasting reputation as one of gaming’s most exciting characters thanks to his smooth moves and interesting lineage. This June, Dante is making another appearance on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the form of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

Essentially the definitive edition of Capcom’s amazing character action game, DMC 4: Special Edition touts improved visuals, a steady 60 FPS across all platforms and the ability to play as Vergil, Trish and Lady. Even if you played Devil May Cry 4 when it came out in 2008, the special edition version is worth getting just to show Capcom that there is interest in finally making a Devil May Cry 5.

3) D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die:


Developer Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro is something of a games industry eccentric. The man behind Deadly Premonition released D4 – a Kinect-oriented adventure game – on the Xbox One last year. As expected, D4 was chock full on the nutty characters and referential writing that Swery’s games have been praised for.

D4 is seeing a PC release this month, with fully incorporated mouse controls. In doing so, this masterpiece of absurdity will be able to reach a larger audience than ever before. Describing D4 is hard, but suffice to say that it is a game that genuinely deserves to be experienced.

2) LEGO Jurassic World:


What’s better than a LEGO game that lets you play as a dinosaur?

A LEGO game that follows the events of all of the Jurassic Park films (including Jurassic World, which releases on the same day as the game).

LEGO Jurassic World takes the patented humor of previous LEGO games and brings it to a much larger scale. Players will be thrown into game packing tons of levels that span the events of each Jurassic film. While this is cool in and of itself, LEGO Jurassic World features over one hundred playable characters, at least a quarter of which are brick dinosaurs.

1) Batman: Arkham Knight:


Rocksteady Entertainment’s upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight looks to be the biggest, baddest and best title in the Arkham series.

In Arkham Knight, players will take up the banner of Batman once more, this time on a quest to take down Scarecrow after he has caused a city-wide evacuation. Those left in Gotham are thugs, criminals and generally bad people, making the city streets more dangerous than ever. In order to make it through Gotham alive, Batman will have to rely on his arsenal of gadgets, fighting prowess, and the Bat Mobile.

Arkham Knight looks to be an exceptional game, DLC-related controversies aside. Set to release on June 25, 2015, Batman: Arkham Knight is the closest gamers will get to a video game summer blockbuster this month.


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