The Holiday season is upon us, which generally means big family gatherings; older grandparents, young nephews and nieces, cousins, an overall wide range of people in your house. Families will always watch Christmas movies at these gatherings, it’s a tradition among many other holiday-related activities. Those of us that are gamers, however, can bring our own activities for the whole family to enjoy, whether it be your Wii U, Xbox One, or PS4, there are tons of games the whole family can get together and have a blast with. As much fun as it is 360 no-scoping Grandma in Advanced Warfare, here’s a few titles that pretty much everyone can jump in and play with little-to-no explaining.

5) Dance Central: Spotlight (Xbox One):



The rhythm game craze is still alive and well today, with newer technology such as the Xbox One’s Kinect adding to better movement recognition. Though only two people can play Dance Central at once, that can’t stop you from drawing names from a hat and having your own family dance tournament. Being a game that makes it easy to get pumped up, cheers and laughter alike will definitely ensue watching family members try to mirror the dancers on screen, because even when you do poorly, it’s still a riot.

4) Super Smash Bros. (Wii U):


Although not quite as easy as just copying dance moves off of your TV, the simplicity of Smash’s controls make it easily accessible for a fighting game. Not to mention, with new 8-player smashes, everyone can join in and be playing at the same time, and with all the chaos that comes with that, everyone is sure to be a winner at some point.

3) Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):


The great thing about Mario Kart is that although it’s a fast-paced racing game, it’s also a party game. With no need to worry about shifting, advanced controls, etc., the only thing you have to know is how to use items and how to accelerate. With a wide selection of characters, courses and tournaments to choose from, you won’t have to worry about repeating tracks too many times. Pop it in and you’ll have your 3-year old nephew and Grandfather cursing out your blue shell in no time! Hurray for family members hating you!

2) Jackbox Party Pack (Xbox One, Steam, PS3, PS4): 


The Party Pack contains Jackbox games Drawful, You Don’t Know Jack 2015, Lie Swatter, Fibbage XL, and Word Spud. As you’d expect from the title, this is a pack of party games – mostly trivia based – ranging from a maximum of four players in You Don’t Know Jack, to a maximum of 100 in Lie Swatter, using smartphones and laptops to connect to the game without need of controllers. Though some of the jokes can be a bit lewd at points, most of them are appropriate for PG audiences, and are sure to get some hysterical laughs out of players. Oh, and I almost forgot, playing these games with a bunch of people is a really easy way to increase your achievement/trophy count, with some super easy achievements available.

1) Mario Party (Like, all of them):

I'll get you back for stealing my damn star, Wario.
I’ll get you back for stealing my damn star, Wario.

Mainly the Gamecube Mario Party games, but they’re pretty much all spectacular ways to make your friends and family your sworn enemies. The amount of times you’ll hear “Don’t you dare steal my damn Star, I’ll cut you.”, or “Please let me get the Happening Star, please, please let me get it.”, or my personal favorite: “PRESS A FASTER, GO, YOSHI, GO!”. You’ll never be disappointed with a round of Mario Party, and if you are, it’s probably because someone swapped their stars with you causing you to lose by one star, and now it’s all you can do to not punch them in the trachea.

Have a Happy Holidays, cheers!



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