The Top Five Halo Multiplayer Maps

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When Halo: Combat Evolved launched in 2001 it set the standard for what a first person shooter game needed to be. Not only did Bungie create a great story, but they gave us Master Chief, Spartan 117. He has become one of the most iconic characters of our generation. Halo has more than just a story however, it introduced the gaming community to multiplayer.

Halo: Combat Evolved didn’t have online capabilities just yet. If you wanted to play with friends, you needed to have a LAN party. You know that means, pack up your TV, console, and head on over to a friend’s house. There was usually a lot of, “are you looking at my screen?” queries thanks to the limitations of a LAN party. When Halo 2 was released, the gaming community was introduced to Xbox Live, which meant no more packing up your TV and console; you could simply just sign in and join a match.

Since 2001 the mega successful Halo series has entertained many gamers for over 10 years. Across six games and countless multiplayer maps, the list below takes a look at the series’  top five multiplayer maps. Find out if your favorites made the cut.

5) Hang Em High- Halo: Combat Evolved:


Hang ‘Em High kicks off the list at number 5. There’s no coverage on this map at all, because it’s full of catwalks and bridges. Most players usually go straight for the rocket launcher or the sniper rifle, so you don’t want to get stuck in the trench or get caught out in the open, because you’ll most likely get sniped or instagibbed.

4) Ascension- Halo 2:


Ascension lands at the number four spot. The banshee is the go to item on this map because with it  you could easily dominate the match, but if someone got to the rocket launcher then you’re toast. There are plenty of hiding spots on this map if you feel like camping, but who wants to do that? There is a ledge where you can stand on and snipe, but be careful because it’s also a give away for where you’re at.

3) Countdown-Halo: Reach:


Countdown takes the third spot. It’s the final countdown (cue music!) Most people like to camp by the air lifts with the energy sword or shotgun. If you started out with a jet pack, you’re probably one of the first players to die. Most of the action takes place on either side of the air lifts on level 3. There’s definitely never a dull moment on this map.

2) Beaver Creek-Halo 2:


Beaver Creek takes the number two spot. When the game loads most players decide to run up the central rock and get the rocket launcher. If you didn’t get to the rocket launcher in time you can always grab the sniper rifle to take out the player that beat you to the rocket launcher. If you’re close to the shotgun, then you’re close to the over shield, and you know what that means right – Killing Spree!

1) Haven-Halo 4:


Haven takes the coveted number one spot. The middle of the map is where most of the action happens. As soon as the match starts throw some frags and you just might get a first strike medal. The best kill to get is an air assassination due to the style points. While you’re up on the top level sprint behind a player and as they jump over the opening, go for the kill.

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