Science fiction and video games have a long, storied history together. For decades, rich universes full of imaginative galaxies and strange alien races have been a cornerstone of the games industry, creating for some of the most memorable experiences in the video game world.

Across the diverse selection of sci-fi inspired video games, a handful stand out against the rest. Their rich worlds have captured the collective minds of the video game loving populous who have been swept up in their respective universes. The games listed below represent the top five science fiction video game worlds.

5) Dead Space (Franchise):


Originally released in 2008, Dead Space and its subsequent sequel, introduced the gaming world to a dark and horrific sci-fi world. Dead Space drew players in with its tale of Isaac Clarke, a lone engineer aboard the space shuttle Ishimura. Dead Spaces horrific necromorph monsters – reanimated humans that Isaac must dismember to destroy – added a brilliant level of intensity to the game’s already rich atmosphere, captivating all who stepped aboard the Ishimura.

4) Destiny:


With Destiny’s beta officially kicking off this afternoon, the video game world has been given one of its first glimpses into Bungie’s newest offering. Destiny, despite being a new IP, already has massive amounts of lore and backstory set against the game’s sci-fi inspired Solar System. Both the game’s lore and its current world have been masterfully crafted by Bungie’s writing staff, as well as various other members of the literary community. Taking influence from classic sci-fi stories, as well as numerous other tidbits of mythology, Destiny’s world is one certainly worth getting excited about.

3) Xenogears:


Squaresoft’s 1998 epic, Xenogears, is easily one of the greatest JRPGs ever released. The game’s unbelievably atmospheric and philosophic world is one of the most sweeping epics ever told in the video game world. The journey of protagonist Fei Fong Wong as he attempts to uncover the secrets of the world is one that is impeccably detailed, filled with massive mech-like vehicles called gears, adding a perfect dash of sci-fi fueled technology into a deeply written universe.

2) Anachronox:


While many sci-fi video games opt to feature brutal and harsh worlds, 1998’s Anachronox, developed by Ion Storm, and is an example of how to perfectly blend mature sci-fi tropes with remarkably humorous writing and characters. As a retired P.I., known as Sly Boots, Anachronox tasks players with uncovering a mysterious that threatens to unravel the very universe. Anachronox’s colorful cast of characters and unique take on traditional sci-fi themes have earned it a permanent place in the annals of video game cult history.

1) Mass Effect (Franchise):


One of the most impressive video game franchises ever conceived, Bioware’s Mass Effect series is the perfect example of how to do sci-fi right. Taking place in a sweeping universe full of amazing technology and imaginative races, from the 2007 release of Mass Effect onward, the series has set the standard for how to do sci-fi right.

Outside of simply having an interesting world for players to explore, the Mass Effect games went much deeper than presenting unique settings by incorporating a deep backstory for the games’ universe, loaded with little details and interesting facts that any lore-hound will surely be happy to immerse themselves in.


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