With more than the first half of 2014 finished, video game fans can look back fondly on a year that started off strong. After the impressive release of Sony’s PlayStation 4 late in 2013, the console has gone on to sell a shocking amount of units thanks to the already impressive – and ever growing library of games available.

The rest of 2014 still has a lot to offer for PlayStation 4 owners. In terms of exclusives, the PS4 has a handful of titles worth getting excited about. Below, the best PlayStation 4 exclusives still set to release this year can be found.

4) Driveclub:


Evolution Studios’ first next-gen offering, the visually stunning Driveclub, looks to be one of the most in-depth and enjoyable racing titles ever created. In a decidedly different direction than Evolution’s MotoStorm franchise, Driveclub places the focus of on-road driving, featuring numerous cars from across the globe. Created with a social and online aspect in mind, Driveclub will allow for car enthusiasts the world over to get together and put their racing skills to the test.

3) InFamous: First Light:


While technically not a full release, but rather DLC for the wildly popular InFamous: Second Son, First Light is a stand-alone expansion that has been confirmed by Sucker Punch to not require the base game to enjoy. Second Son blew the video gaming world away when it was released; showcasing the impressive power of Sony’s PlayStation 4 by featuring beautiful graphics and some of the best lighting seen in a game to date, leaving PS4 owners wanting more adventures in Seattle. First Light looks to make good on this, and with its late August release, First Light will be available in no time.

2) The Last of Us Remastered:


The PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us, was heralded as one of the greatest video games ever created when it was released, earning near unanimous positive reviews. This year brings with it the PlayStation 4 exclusive release of The Last of Us Remastered, an updated and overhauled version of the original title. The Last of Us Remastered will contain updated visuals, all while running at 60FPS at a native 1080p. Additionally, TLoU Remastered will contain in-game commentary and the original game’s DLC, making this one title that everyone with a PlayStation 4 should have in their library.

1) Deep Down:


Originally unveiled to the world in early 2013, Capcom’s Deep Down instantly gathered attention from the video gaming world thanks to its intriguing and mysterious trailer. Since the initial announcement of Deep Down, each subsequent trailer and piece of news regarding the game has built excitement for the title.

Essentially a free-to-play dungeon crawler/RPG, Deep Down takes place in the future, where ancient artifacts can be used to transport humans to a deep, distant past full of caves, dungeons and monsters. Deep Down’s interesting premise and top-notch visuals are sure to make the game on of the most enjoyable games in the PlayStation 4’s library.


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