Nintendo’s Wii U has not had the greatest start since its initial release in late 2012. With an unfortunate lack of games, sales for the console have never been anything to write home about. Luckily, 2014 has been the start of the Wii U’s upswing, with more titles seeing a release on the system. The rest of the year has a lot to look forward to for Wii U owners and the games below represent the best console exclusives still to come in 2014.


4. Devil’s Third


When Devil’s Third, the newly announced Wii U exclusive was unveiled to the world at this June’s E3 conference; many were surprised to see just how over-the-top the game looked.

Featuring a heavy tattooed protagonist, rocking drum solos, and some of the most frantic action-based gameplay in recent years, Devil’s Third, despite the relative dearth of information regarding the game outside of its announcement trailer, is sure to bring fans of violent and absurd titles to the Wii U come its release later this year.

3. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


Long-time veteran of the Mario franchise, Toad, is set to take his talents to the Wii U later this year. In his first starring role, Captain Toad will place Toad in different levels, tasking players with navigating him to the gold star at the end.

While Toad will not be able to jump in Captain Toad, he will be able to pull up roots a la Super Mario Bros. 2, allowing turnips to be thrown at all who are in Toad’s way.

Wii U owners who love a good underdog are sure to enjoy Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

2. Hyrule Warriors


The collective minds of the video gaming world were blown with the first reveal trailer of Hyrule Warriors. Essentially a Dynasty Warriors title featuring classic characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise, the unique direction the spin-off was set to take made it hard not to be excited about.

Hyrule Warriors spins the basic formula of The Legend of Zelda formula and flips it on its head, spinning a tale that features series protagonist Link as a simple soldier-in-training, thrown into a massive battles in order to save the kidnapped princess Zelda.

Those who have not experienced the addicting formula of the Dynasty Warrior series would be wise to pay close attention to Hyrule Warriors. Few video game titles provide such intense and enjoyable – if not repetitive – gameplay formula and Hyrule Warriors’ inclusion of classic and new TLoZ characters will surely draw a large audience when the game releases in September.

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