Who doesn’t love a superhero? With their flowing capes, gallant manners and swashbuckling entries, they appeal to people of all ages. We have seen them in books, cartoons and movies. Now let’s take a look at them in games:

Batman: The masked knight with his bat shaped outfit, gizmos and his amazing car is high on my list. After a series of ‘Dark Knight’ movies fared well at the box office, Arkham City lets you be him in the game. Duel with known rivals like the Joker, Riddler, Mr. Freeze and so on. Batman’s appeal lies in the unique villains he has to encounter and all the bat-weapons he uses to vanquish them.

Spiderman: Perhaps one of the most popular Superheroes in recent times, Spidey is now capturing gaming hearts as well. Peter Parker’s spider sense makes him a great gaming character with immense possibilities. Swinging through the city between high rises, capturing baddies in your web, the game is thoroughly enjoyable. There is another game for Spidey fans called Total Mayhem. Everyone loves the underdog who eventually conquers Goliath, and that’s what makes Spidey such a hot favorite.

Wolverine: This brooding Superhero stars in a game with the same name as the movie: X Men Origins. As you play the game you also get to know in flashbacks about the early life of this volatile superhero. The enigma surrounding him is perhaps the reason why he is the best loved among the mutant heroes.

Captain America: The mighty shield throwing soldier comes alive yet again in ‘Super Soldier’. Bulldoze the terrifying army of Red Skull and relive the gory and glory days of the Second World War in this game. He is a normal young man injected with a serum to attain peak fitness so that he can help in the War effort. After his popularity waned in the 1950’s he was revived several years later, often leading the ‘Avengers’ team.

Hulk: the gentle bespectacled physicist who turns into the green Hulk is a favorite among many. Often portrayed as the anti-hero, this mutant superhero has an uncontrollable rage, and when provoked, even his friends could get hurt by him. Though games based on his character didn’t do well initially, ‘Ultimate Destruction’, where Hulk typically smashes up things, is a fitting game. Surf on buses, turn cars into punching gloves and generally create mayhem in this game which is sure to bust your stress.

Marvel Heroes: In the Ultimate Alliance games series, you will find all the lovable Marvel heroes sharing screen space while battling dark forces. In these games you can create your dream team of Superheroes. Isn’t that cool? Spiderman, Electra, The Avengers (Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Capt. America), Fantastic Four, doctor Strange and other Marvel superheroes can all be found in this game.

Justice League Heroes: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Martian Manhunter all star in this particular game developed by Snowblind Studios. The Green Lantern was re-popularized recently when a movie showcasing his superhero skills was released.


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