As 2015 enters its second month, video game fans would be wise to prepare themselves for an onslaught of exciting new titles set to release in the coming days. Despite February’s title as the year’s shortest month, the twenty-eight days February holds provide for a jam packed release window.

From the PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886 to the highly anticipated Evolve and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, February has a whole lot to offer when it comes to games worth checking out.

10) Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires:


The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been around for years, continually bringing fans into the intense action and political turmoil of the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, however, takes the tried and true framework of the series and builds upon it. Featuring improved visuals, tons of additional content and all the trappings of normal Empires versions, Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is a perfect entry point in the series for those who wish to dive into one of gaming’s most enjoyable – if not repetitive – franchises.

9) Kirby and the Rainbow Curse:


Kirby is back in February, showing Wii U owners why pink is powerful in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. A follow-up to Kirby: Canvas Curse on the Nintendo DS, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse tasks players with guiding the titular character across twenty-eight levels. Stuck in ball form, it’s up to the player to draw rainbow colored lines through each stage in order to guide the pink bomber to the end of the level.

8) There Came an Echo:


Developed by Sequence developer Iridium Studios, There Came an Echo is a real-time strategy game with a very unique twist. Featuring voice controls and a extremely talented vocal cast, There Came an Echo puts a spin on the genre by allowing players to guide and control units by simple and intuitive voice prompts. While not for everyone, the idea of being able to interact with characters simply by speaking is certainly a novel concept.

7) Grow Home:


One of the most interesting games releasing in February, Grow Home takes serious inspiration from animated films such as Wall-E. As BUD, players are tasked with exploring the galaxy in an attempt to uncover new flora in order to help oxygenate his home planet. Upon stumbling upon the massive Star Plant, BUD begins his ascent, climbing the ever-changing plant on a quest to reach the top. Featuring procedurally generated animation, providing for a dynamic and changing experience as BUD climbs, pushes and leaps his way to the top of the Star Plant.

6) Dragon Ball XenoVerse:


Dragon Ball XenoVerse allows players to create their own character and participate in the epic, planet shattering battles that the storied franchise is known for. XenoVerse allows players to become any number of different races including Earthlings, Saiyans and Maijans. In addition to character creation, XenoVerse features a wholly original story, allowing for players to insert themselves into the Dragon Ball experience like never before.

5) Game of Thrones: Episode 2 – The Lost Lords:


Telltale Games seems to be on a never ending hot streak these days. February brings with it the second episode of the Game of Thrones saga, entitled ‘The Lost Lords’. The Lost Lords picks up shortly after the events of Iron from Ice, and focuses on the tragedy and disarray of House Forrester. Drama and action are guaranteed in The Lost Lords, all combined with the emotional storytelling that Telltale Games has built a reputation upon.

4) The Order: 1886:


One of the most polarizing video games set to release in 2015, The Order: 1886 has been shrouded in mystery since it was first announced. Taking place in an alternate history, The Order follows the story of the Knights of the Round Table as they attempt to quell the treat from half-breed monsters. Boasting some of the most impressive visuals seen to date, The Order: 1886 promises to be a visual experience for the ages. Thanks to the game’s alternative history, exciting weaponry and intriguing narrative, perhaps cries of repetitive game mechanics and quick time events can be ignored.

3) Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate:


The Monster Hunter franchise has long been known as one of gaming’s most underappreciated franchises. Vehemently defended by those who have experienced the magic of monster hunting, Monster Hunter has never caught on in the West like it has in Japan. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, however, looks to change this, promising to be the biggest and most inviting title in the franchise yet. With a new focus directed more on adventure and storytelling, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will surely be a runaway hit when it is finally released in the West this February.

2) Evolve:


After months of waiting, gamers will finally be able to get their hands on Evolve in February. The asymmetrical multiplayer offering from Turtle Rock Studios has given the gaming world countless reasons to be excited about. Be it from the wide variety of hunters that players can choose from, or the wonderfully designed playable monsters, Evolve has grown quite nicely throughout the past few months. Fans of multiplayer shooters will be sure to enjoy every second (or hour) of Evolve that they are able to sink their teeth into.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D:


Ever since it was announced by Nintendo, the 3D remake of Majora’s Mask has been on every gamer’s mind. The darkest entry into the Legend of Zelda series, Majora’s Mask has been championed by all who have played it since the game’s original release on the Nintendo 64. The various improvements and tweaks to the game – including an impressive visual overhaul – are destined to give this perennial classic a resurgence in popularity when it is released in February. For more information regarding Majora’s Mask 3D, check out our hands-on preview here.


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