After a rather mediocre start to the summer in terms of video game releases, August looks to be the turning point following the lackluster release schedule of summer. While August is by no means as stacked as October and the following months, there are still plenty of games worth getting excited about set to release in the coming weeks.

Representing a decidedly diverse selection of offerings across virtually ever console and genre, August’s biggest and brightest video game releases offer an alternative to getting cooked alive in the summer sun that most video game fans would be wise to pay attention to. The games listed below are the top ten best video games releasing in August of 2014.

10) Sacred 3:


After picking up the Sacred license from Asceron Entertainment, publisher Deep Silver announced that they, along with developer Keen Games, would be hard at work making the newest entry into the cult Action/RPG Sacred franchise the best offering to date.

Set to release on August 5th, Sacred 3 looks to deliver upon Deep Silver’s promise, taking everything that made Sacred 2 popular while still improving the franchise in ever way possible. Of special note to Sacred 3 are the game’s new playable classes, the Safiri Warrior and Ancarian Lancer who represent newcomers to the stable of selectable characters. Additionally, Sacred 3 will sport four player co-op throughout the game, allowing players to either team up with three friends, or be part of an AI team.

Those who are looking for a lesser known, but still thoroughly enjoyable action RPG need to look no further than Sacred 3.

9) Madden NFL 15:


It would hardly feel appropriate to talk about this month’s video game releases without mentioning the annual Madden NFL entry.

Set to release for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Madden NFL 15 will continue to do what Madden games do best, this time with Seahawk’s cornerback Richard Sherman adorning the gridiron juggernaut’s cover.

8) Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited:


An updated port of 2011’s PlayStation 3 release, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is set to hit the Vita this month, bringing NIS America’s signature brand of quirky strategy to the handheld world.

For those unfamiliar with the ultra-niche SRPG’s gameplay, A Promise Revisited features deep strategy and insanely high level caps as players take on the role of a vampire who plans a rebellion in the Netherworld.

In Nippon Ichi’s signature style, Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is host to countless goofy characters, strange settings and off-beat humor, all wrapped up into one shockingly deep SRPG package.

7) Risen 3: Titan Lords:


August brings with it another RPG from Deep Silver, Risen 3: Titan Lords. Developed by Piranha Bytes, Risen 3 is the follow-up to 2012’s Risen 2: Deep Waters. While this pedigree may leave a sour taste in many gamers’ mouths, all facts point towards Risen 3 being one of this year’s role-playing sleeper hits.

Risen 3 throws players into the shoes of a warrior who has had his soul devoured by unseen forces. In order to save his soul and recover their humanity, Risen 3 will task players with conquering dangerous foes and allying with deadly warriors and mages alike, in what will surely be an exciting RPG experience.

6) Tales of Xillia 2:


A Playstation 3 exclusive, Tales of Xillia2 is finally set to see a Western release this month, almost two years after coming out in Japan.

Following the events of Tales of Xillia, the sequel is set years after the original game and follows Ludger Will Kresnik. Kresnik, along with the other members of his family have the unique ability of entering and destroying alternate time lines, leading up to his employment by a shadowy organization to infiltrate timelines in order to keep the world in balance.

Tales of Xillia 2 is sure to continue the franchise’s tradition of engaging writing while featuring an exciting and immersive battle system. PlayStation 3 owners itching for a deep RPG experience this summer would be wise to dive into Tales of Xillia 2.

5) Ultra Street Fighter IV:


Boasting six new stages and five new characters, the much-anticipated update to Street Fighter IV is finally coming to the gaming world at large.

Outside of just adding new stages and characters, Ultra Street Fighter IV also introduces new features in the form of an Edition Select, which will allow players to choose from different versions of characters, as well as a few interesting change ups to gameplay mechanics.

If Street Fighter IV if your fighting game of choice, then there is no reason not to be exciting about August’s release of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

4) Hohokum:

The animated charm of Hohokum

Easily the most interesting video game to release this August, Hohokum is slated to bring its strange charm to the PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita on August 12th.

A game about exploration in its purest sense, Hohokum allows players to control a serpentine being as they move through different worlds, completing various objectives throughout.

Sony system owners should certainly plan to take Hohokum for a whirl when it releases mid-August, as few games released lately exude as much raw charm and captivate as easily as one glance at Hohokum can.

3) InFamous: First Light:


The stand-alone expansion for one of the PlayStation 4’s most successful titles, InFamous: Second Son, First Light looks to bring PS4 owners back into Sucker Punch’s brilliant recreated vision of Seattle once more, this time as Second Son’s beloved character, Fetch.

Releasing late in August, First Light will be a perfect blend of Second Son’s enjoyable gameplay, as well as introducing players to new environments as one of the franchise’s best characters.

Because of its status as a stand-alone title, there is no need to have a copy of Second Son, making it the ideal title for PS4 owners looking for a sure-fire hit.

2) Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition:


The definitive console version of Diablo III and its expansion pack, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is sure to be one of August’s most addicting video games.

While Diablo III’s original release was met with middling reviews, Blizzard has done an exceptional job overhauling the game’s base experience, with the critically acclaimed expansion, Reaper of Souls turning the Diablo III experience into one that must be played.

Console owners who have not yet experienced all of Diablo III’s enemy slaying and loot collecting need no other reason to pick the game up other than this month’s release of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

1) Wasteland 2:


August’s most exciting video game release by a mile, Wasteland 2, should be celebrated by not only RPG fans, but fans of the video game industry as a whole. The sequel to 1988’s Wasteland, Wasteland 2’s release at the end of August is a testament to both Brian Fargo’s dedication to the industry and the passion of die-hard video game fans.

Funded through KickStarter, Brian Fargo and his team laid their cards out on the table from day one. They have always wanted to make Wasteland 2, but their attempts fell on deaf publisher’s ears. With no where else to turn, Fargo took his Wasteland 2 pitch to the ever-popular crowd funding website.

A brilliant, classically, styled RPG at its core, Wasteland 2 offers tons of content in a richly imagined post-apocalyptic world where players will never know what to expect.

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