Fall has reared its head, moving ever closer as leaves begin to drop from trees and the cold wind returns. Luckily, the changing weather means more time for video game fans to retreat indoors and spend countless hours playing the best titles releasing this season.

October is an outstanding month in terms of new releases. With tons of games, many of which look to be some of the year’s best, set to release in the tenth month, even the most dedicated video game fan might be hard pressed to finish them all.

Below, the top ten most exciting games set to release this October are ranked. Spanning across genres, from driving simulations to action RPGs and stealth games, this October is destined to be one for the record books.

10 – Driveclub:


A PlayStation 4 exclusive, Driveclub is a racing game that aims to put a spin on traditional genre conventions. In Driveclub, players can join a team of up to five other people, creating their own club and working together to complete races and challenges in order to increase ranking and earn in-game fame.

Driveclub offers beautiful, real-world inspired tracks and courses, as well as a stunning dynamic weather systems to continually keep racers on their toes.

To top it all off, those who are on the fence about Driveclub and are PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to enjoy a free version of the game, albeit with a limited selection of tracks and cars.

9 – The Legend of Korra:


The Legend of Korra animated series virtually screams to be adapted into a video game. Luckily, developer Platinum Games noticed this too and has been hard at work putting their signature beat ‘em up style on the downloadable game.

Perfectly echoing the art style of the show, The Legend of Korra takes place between the second and third season of the series. Players can expect top-notch action, tight fighting mechanics and an enjoyable experience that anyone can enjoy – not just Legend of Korra fans.

8 – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel:

The previous console generation’s Borderlands swan song, Borderland: The Pre-Sequel, looks to deliver on the series’ signature gameplay and humor, all wrapped in an interesting and engaging story.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel follows the journey of Handsome Jack and his ultimate decent into the sheer villainy that many remember from Borderlands 2. Featuring four all new characters with awesome skills to master, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has plenty to offer for fans of shooting and looting.

7 – Styx: Master of Shadows:


Styx: Master of Shadows could easily become October’s biggest sleeper hit. The prequel to 2012’s Of Orcs and Men, Master of Shadows places players into the silent boots of Styx as he attempts to steal the heart of a World-Tree.

Developer Cyanide Studios has clearly put a serious amount of effort into making Styx one of the most entertaining and enjoyable stealth titles in recent year. The titular goblin has an impressive arsenal of weaponry and abilities, including the ability to create a shadow clone, which he can multisite to remove and assassinate anyone who gets in his way.

Outside of the exciting gameplay in Styx, players will also be treated to impressive fantasy locations and interesting art design, all of which look to make a memorable stealth title.

6 – Bayonetta 2:


Bayonetta was one of the previous console generation’s biggest cult hits, enticing players with its unbelievably addicting action combat and unforgettable main character. The witch is back in Bayonetta 2, bringing her talent and charm to the Wii U in what seems to be a bigger and better title than the original.

Already available in Japan, Bayonetta 2 has received a largely positive critical reception, praising Bayonetta’s journey into the depths of hell to save her friend.

Wii U owners itching for a top-notch, more mature title would be wise to pick up Bayonetta 2. Platinum games is one of the best in the business when it comes to creating blazing, white-knuckled action games, and there is little doubt that Bayo’s second journey will carry on this tradition.

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