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The Town of Light is a deep and distressing story brought to us by LKA Interactive. Players adventure through the eyes of Renee, a girl who suffer from the symptoms of mental illness. Uncover her past while walking around and finding clues in an abandoned insane asylum where Renee spent most of her youth. Players guide Renee through her dark and disturbing past where the lines blur between reality and her memories.

The Town of Light is a psychological horror adventure game that I found disturbing, but quite close to the actual goings-on that happened in insane asylums in the past. This is very much a walking simulator type game, as you play as Renee and adventure through the psych ward she was a former patient of. She talks to herself constantly, which helps you along in the game. The beginning of The Town of Light is a bit slow and not very exciting, but once players begin to dig into Renee’s past, the story definitely picks up and becomes kind of exciting to work through.

I was super creeped out as I began playing The Town of Light. First of all, abandoned mental asylums are scary as hell, combined with a semi-crazy character (Renee), the beginning of the adventure is pretty spooky. As I got to know my way around the asylum, no thanks to the very unhelpful map, I almost started to feel comfortable. Renee’s conversations with herself were always very calm as she slowly remembered everything she went through when she was just 16 years old.

One of my favorite aspects of The Town of Light was the cut scenes. They were 100% drawn and animated and completely fit in with the vibe of the game. I thought this was very creative and almost gave players a different view on Renee’s memories than if they were just displayed as a normal cut scene.

As I played as Renee, I thought to myself, why is this woman so zombie-like? Whenever she spoke I felt little to no emotion, it was kind of boring at some points. Her voice could be easily ignored, and I just found that strange. After I had completed The Town of Light, I realized why the game developers made Renee this way. I would say The Town of Light can be a bit boring at times, the story can drone on and there can be a lot of back-tracking, but the ending is great and kind of wraps everything up.

The game itself would take about 2 to 3 hours to complete. The graphics were a bit rough at some points, but I do give the game develops props for creating the mental asylum and giving it that realistic and creepy vibe.

I feel The Town of Light did psychological horror right. I was completely creeped out while playing and I was also just wanting to learn more about Renee and what she went through when she was young. The ending has to be one of the most disturbing scenes I’ve ever seen in a video game, I almost had to close my eyes. However, I think it’s great that the game developers included real surgeries that were conducted all the time back in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Overall, The Town of Light was a beautifully unsettling game. Some people might be able to relate to Renee, considering she was sent to the mental asylum for having depression and anxiety. I’m very glad I got to review this game, it was a great experience!

Town of Light Review Summary

Story - 8.5
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 5
Sound - 5
Entertainment Value - 7.5


Creepy good

Dig into Renee's dark memories as you travel through the abandoned asylum she spent most of her youth within. The Town of Light is a creepy experience you should definitely see for yourself.


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