The Train Heist From ‘Solo’ Gets Remade as a 16-Bit Video Game

The latest movie to get a scene remade as an old school video game by the one and only John Stratman is Solo: A Star Wars Story, in particular it’s action packed train heist that took place on Vandor towards the beginning of the film. I would definitely describe this one as featuring more of a 16-bit aesthetic than 8-bit, and it surely looks like John used the Super Star Wars game engine from the SNES trilogy of games. Those games weren’t perfect, but there was something fun about them, at least how they tried to retell the three original Star Wars movies.

Once again John captured the essence of this scene by using pixels and patience. It definitely feels like the Solo train heist, and like all of these remakes, I wish these were actually playable games. Either way I still enjoy watching pop culture be turned into retro video games, so head on up above to check out the 16-bit version of the Vandor train heist.


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