The U.S. Supreme Court Gets it Right on Videogame Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 today that the proposed California law prohibiting the sale of “violent videogames” to minors as being unconstitutional.  At least one branch of our Government still has some common sense right?  Essentially, the law that was passed by the Governator would make the sale of violent games to a minor a felony, which would put the videogame industry in the same category as the porn industry.  Isn’t it ironic that Ahnold felt like videogames were immoral, yet he has now been exposed as a cheater and a father of a bast*rd child?  This act of politicians tooting moral horns only to be later found out as scumbags, happens all too often these days.  Can we really trust any of these people anymore?

Anyway, thanks to the Supreme Court the videogame industry no longer has to worry about their creative freedoms.  Videogames can be made the way the devs intended without the fear of the game getting banned because it’s too risque.  I’m all for not selling R-rated games to minors, but it shouldn’t be regulated by the Feds.  To me this is an issue that needs to be controlled by the parents of younger gamers, as well as the establishment where they’re sold.  We don’t need Big Brother locking people away for years in prison because a violent game was made and irresponsibly procured by a minor.  This is America and not a Taliban sponsored state of censorship!

It’s still amazing to me that this vote wasn’t a runaway victory, but a win is a win.  I wonder whose in the pockets of the two Justices who voted against the videogame industry?  If your interested in reading their ruling you can head over here.  It’s full of the usual political BS, but overall I feel like a majority of the Justices saw the whole picture.  Remember, videogames don’t kill people, people do.  We need to quit pinning our faults on entertainment mediums and take a look in the mirror.

Gamers should celebrate this victory more than anyone, but we all should be thankful that this law was taken off the books.  Laws like this can set a precedence for more laws that slowly strip us of our rights, so consider it a victory for the Nation!  You’ve been relieved that things aren’t THAT f*cked up in Washington…


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