The Walking Dead: Bury Me Here – Top 4 Moments

This week I’m going old school with my top moments from the latest episode of The Walking Dead, which is titled, “Bury Me Here.” Rather than going with a video I had to rely on written words, so you’ll find my choices for “Bury Me Here’s” top moments below.

I found this episode to be one of the best since the show returned for the second half of its seventh season, mostly because of the sheer tension it offered, but also because it moved two of our main characters back into the fray after they tried to live a peaceful life. There were a few great scenes sprinkled throughout it, but again, the main reason it was a solid episode is because it finally got the Kingdom and a few main characters to get on board with the “Negan’s Gotta Go!” movement.

And now for the episode’s top moments!


1. Cantaloupe-gate

We were treated to another meeting between the Saviors and the Kingdom this week, and thanks to some shenanigans it didn’t go well at all, especially for Benjamin. Young Ben took a bullet to the knee that eventually led to his death, which was a result of Richard purposely shorting the Saviors a tribute to hopefully get himself killed, and therefore finally getting the King off his ass. Well, his plan ultimately worked, but it didn’t go off as he intended thanks to the long haired douche nugget from the Saviors, who shot Ben instead of Richard. This ultimately leads into the second top moment, which featured more fallout from this tragic exchange.

2. Morgan Pops Off

Richard eventually tells Morgan what he did after Morgan sort of pieced it together, and while it looked like Morgan was content with putting off revealing Richard’s folly to the King, he eventually went batshit nuts and killed Richard with his bare hands in front of members of the Kingdom and the Saviors. It was a brutally intense scene that echoed Morgan’s violent past, and I really didn’t see it coming a from a mile away, so it was a bit of good writing too. It also served the purpose of proving to the Saviors that the Kingdom was done with their shenanigans, so Richard sorta got his wish after all thanks to Morgan’s inner rage.

3. Morgan Spills the Beans

Now that Morgan has crossed his own line of being peaceful he’s dragging others down with him who also wanted to save themselves from becoming monsters. This wannabe hippy is Carol, who showed a bit more interest in the affairs of the Kingdom during the beginning of this episode, but who also wants to remain out of the fray if you will. Well, now thanks to Morgan, who told her the truth about Alexandria and the deaths of Glenn and Abe, Carol has slid back into murder mode, which is just what Rick and the rest of the non-Savior factions needed, because once this chick gets motivated, there’s nothing that can stop her.

4. The King Caves

With a renewed sense of helping her former buddies after hearing about the horrors Negan and the Saviors have inflicted upon them, Carol gets off her ass, packs her duffle bag, and heads to the Kingdom to talk with King Zeke. She tells him straight up that they have to fight, to which he replies, “I know.” With those two words he effectively signed up his community for the fight against Negan, which will help turn the tides against them once they link up with Rick and his Trash buddies, and of course the Hilltop. I thought the scene was written very well and provided a poetic resolution and new beginning for Carol and the King’s relationship. Now it’s off to WAR!!


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