The Walking Dead Season 9 Gets a Massive SDCC Trailer

A near 6-minute trailer was released for The Walking Dead’s ninth season at SDCC yesterday, which in my opinion is a bit overboard to tease the show’s upcoming plot threads. I mean this trailer more or less provides a detailed preview of the entire season. After watching it, I’m not sure there’s much to guess at because most of the main plot threads were shown, so there isn’t much mystery going in. It also doesn’t help that Andrew Lincoln has officially confirmed that he’s leaving the show, so there’s no way Rick Grimes can now be written out in a surprising and memorable manner. We know he’s gone, so the whole season most fans will just be fixated on his exit and how it will go down, which not only cheapens his probable death and sacrifice, but it will also lessen the other main narrative threads because we will all be more concerned with Rick’s fate.

That’s my take at least, so while this trailer is overly long, it can’t spoil the season’s main events anymore than the news of Lincoln leaving the show. At this point I’ve already dumped 8 seasons worth of time into the show, so I shall press on, but this trailer and the way the last two seasons have gone aren’t making me feel great about my renewed commitment to the series.

Head on up above to watch the entire ninth season of The Walking Dead. The show will return to AMC on October 7, 2018.


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