The Walking Dead ‘Us’ Recap – Onwards to Sanctuary

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead is called ‘Us,’ and it’s more of an upbeat episode than last week’s gut punch. The episode predominantly follows Glenn’s group, Daryl’s new group, as well as featuring a brief scene involving Rick’s group. For the first time in a long time, an episode of The Walking Dead may have warmed your heart rather than smashing it to pieces.


Glenn’s gang 

‘Us’ opens with a scene involving Glenn’s new gang, which is still made up of himself, Tara, Sgt. Ford, Rosita, and Eugene; the doctor with a mullet who can save the world. Tara is still down in the dumps over her involvement in the prison war, and has become a loyal lapdog to Glenn as a result of the grief she feels.

The group is still headed towards Terminus where Glenn hopes to find Maggie, and Sgt. Ford hopes to find a new ride so he and his two traveling buddies can continue on to Washington D.C.. While walking on the tracks Glenn finally comes across one of the signs Maggie painted for him using walker guts to let him know where she, Bob, and Sasha are headed, which results in him running towards Terminus with a huge smile of relief on his face. This moment really provided some warm feelings for the first time in a long time, and Glenn’s reaction definitely touched most fans of the series.

While the group heads towards Terminus Eugene opens up a bit to Tara, who makes sure to remind him that she’s gay. During these talks Eugene’s character is put on display, and it’s clear that he’s not a hard nosed killer like most people have become, and that he cares for the people he meets on his journey north. Eugene and company eventually stumble upon a dark and brooding tunnel that is in between them and Terminus, which causes the group to finally splinter because Sgt. Ford won’t risk Eugene’s safety while traveling through the ominous tunnel.

Eugene is turning out to be a really interesting character
Eugene is turning out to be a really interesting character

He, Eugene, and Rosita head off in search of a car, while Glenn and Tara make their way through the tunnel. In a very unsurprising scene Tara ends up getting stuck while walking through the tunnel, which causes Glenn to struggle to free her. She demands that he leave her to die so he can find Maggie, but in true Glenn fashion he remains behind and begins to expend his last few bullets to keep a walker horde from consuming him and Tara.

While Glenn is struggling with Tara’s leg, Sgt. Ford’s group is tricked into driving to the other side of the tunnel by Eugene, who can’t stomach the thought of leaving Glenn and Tara to die. When they pull up to the tunnel they get the surprise of a lifetime by finding Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. The group of six eventually come to Glenn and Tara’s rescue in another highly emotional scene that involves Glenn and Maggie meeting up for the first time since the prison camp debacle. If you’ve ever loved and lost someone, then this reunion will definitely tug at your heart’s strings and make you feel all funny inside.

Glenn and his traveling group along with Maggie, Bob, and Sasha all head towards Terminus after their reunion, where they’re greeted by a creepy lone women named Mary who welcomes them to the sanctuary.

Rick’s gang

Rick, Michonne, and Carl have a very brief scene to help lay the groundwork for the finale, as well as to foreshadow a scene in ‘Us’ featuring Daryl’s new gang of misfits. Rick walks in front of his partners as they have a balance beam challenge on the railroad tracks. It’s clear that Michonne and Carl have grown very close, and have a tight friendship going as they tease each other trying to make the other lose their balance. Carl wins out and eats his prize, which is one of Michonne’s candy bars. After the exchange the group resumes its press towards Terminus

Daryl and the Marauders

While Glenn and company are enjoying a brief respite from the hell that is life in an apocalypse, Daryl is stuck with Joe and the Marauders from a few episodes back. Daryl begins to knock heads with one of the marauders over a fresh rabbit kill, which leads Joe (the leader) to teach Daryl the rules of traveling with his group. Basically, if you want something you have to claim it. If you lie or steal, you will be punished. Joe and his band of thugs practice these laws to a “T,” and eventually have to lay the law down on the guy beefing with Daryl, which leads to a savage beat down and his death.

Daryl's new friends don't play nice with others
Daryl’s new friends don’t play nice with others

After this grisly ordeal the group continues heading towards Terminus, which is where everyone else from the episode, including Carol and Tyreese are headed. Joe explains to Daryl that they’ve been hunting a man who killed one of their friends a few days back. At this time Daryl has no clue that he’s talking about Rick, but a shot of Carl’s candy bar wrapper foreshadows the inevitable showdown between Daryl’s new group and his long lost friends.

Final Thoughts

‘Us’ is a rather lighthearted episode, but that usually means the following one, which just so happens to be the season finale, will be a doozy. Seeing Glenn and Maggie reunite is a genuine moment of positivity and relief. Eugene is really starting to shine as a character, so it’s awesome that he, the Sarge, and Rosita are still with the main group. Daryl’s new friends will surely cause some heartache before season four of The Walking Dead wraps, thanks to their caveman style of government, so you should fully expect them to amp up the action the moment they hit Terminus.

Although, thanks to the creepiness of Mary, the Terminus greeter, it’s not clear exactly what all of the travelers will face once they make it to this supposed sanctuary. Be prepared for fireworks next week, because you know as well as I do that some serious shit is about to hit the proverbial fan. Head on down past the break to check out a preview of the season finale, as well as two behind the scenes video for ‘Us.’


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