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Rest easy fans of The Walking Dead , the fourth season returns next week, October 13, 2013. Most of you are eager to find out what happens to Rick and the rest of the group, not to mention The Governor. Where did he go? What is he planning? If you’ve read the comic book, then you already know why some of the events happened they way they did, but for those who haven’t, they’ve been left in anticipation each week waiting to know what happens next.

Down below you’ll find a list of the most shocking moments from the first three seasons to get your ready for next week’s season 4 premiere. The list will not be ranked in any particular order, but please proceed with caution as this list contains spoilers if you haven’t been staying on top of the episodes.






Sophia Is A Walker


The tension was at an all time high with Hershel and the barn. He had kept a barn full of walkers, some being his zombie family members. This was a secret that was kept between Hershel and Rick, but once the group found out about what was in the barn they knew what had to be done. Shane opened the barn and out the walkers came and down they went. They all thought that there was no one left in there, then they heard a faint groan. Their eyes fixated on the barn, they were all ready to kill anything that came through the doors. But then out comes Sophia, sweet innocent little Sophia. She had turned into a walker, the entire group was mortified, but no one was worse off than Carol. She would have been better off knowing that her daughter was dead rather than knowing what her fate truly was.

Dale’s Death


It was a sad day when Dale died. Although, there is one way that this could have been prevented. If Carl didn’t mess with that walker, he would have never gotten loose and Dale probably wouldn’t have been turned into a zombie buffet. Dale was the moral center of the group. He was the voice of all things right. His death affected Andrea in a hard way. She had already lost her sister and Dale was doing his best to make sure that she knew that there was still someone in this crazy world that still cared for her. Even though the group was not agreeing on a lot of things, after Dale’s death they came together and did what was necessary.

Shane’s Death


Shane, Shane, Shane. He was Rick’s partner and his best friend. In season one you had to give the guy credit, he kept Lori and Carl alive. The bro code was broken when you found out that Lori and Shane were sleeping together though. Things got really awkward when Rick made his way to the camp site, where he was reunited with Lori and Carl. That is when something started to change within him. Rick became very suspicious of Shane and Lori. During the second season you saw a completely different side of him. The tension was very high between Rick and Shane. Shane was not confident that Rick was the right leader for the group. Shane also left Otis to die and killed Randall. Towards the end of the second season Rick and Shane finally fought it out and it lead to Rick killing Shane.

Just kidding, Shane isn’t dead. That would have been too easy. What Rick didn’t realize was that Carl was close by. While Rick is trying to explain to his son what happened, Shane slowly comes back to life. Carl is immediately conflicted with what he’s seen up to this point. He knows that his father killed his own best friend, but he doesn’t understand why. Carl holds the gun up pointing it at his father. He eventually pulls the trigger killing Shane. He did what he needed to do to protect his father.

We Are All Infected


Watching the first season you had no idea what Dr. Edwin Jenner whispers into to Rick’s ear at the CDC. You had to wait an entire season just to find out. Dr. Jenner told Rick that all humans are infected. No matter what, you come back to life as a walker, even if you weren’t bitten. The only way that doesn’t happen is if you shoot yourself in the head, but if you die of natural causes expect to come back as a meat-eating, slow moving walker. Daryl mentions to the group how Randall came back as a walker and he wasn’t bitten or scratched. After Rick hears that, he drops the bomb letting the rest of his group know the truth about their lot in life.

The Governor Is Sick and Twisted


The Governor appeared to be sunshine and smiles when Andrea and Michone made it to the lovely town of Woodbury. If you read the comic book, then you know that The Governor is tame in the TV show compared to what you read in the books. Michone has her suspicions about him, but Andrea is blinded by his kindness. The Governor learns of a helicopter crash and goes to investigate it. He finds a survivor and brings him back to Woodbury for questioning. The helicopter pilot tells him that he separated from his men to find help. The Governor gets the location and goes to the soldiers in a seemingly show of good faith. When he arrives, he inspects the men and their gear then shoots them in cold blood.

He also has his walker daughter Penny locked in a closet, which only reinforces his mental frailty. He brushes her hair at night before he goes to bed as if she were not a zombie trying to eat his face off. He also has a room full of tanks with walker heads in them, so it’s made quite clear that this man isn’t to be messed with.

Lori’s Death


Lori had her struggles on the show. Between her love triangle and learning she was pregnant, things were tense for her Rick and Shane. Things didn’t get any better when she learned that Rick killed Shane either. Lori’s struggles continued when she went into labor while the main group hunkered down in the prison, and Rick was away from the prison. She tried to have a natural birth, but the baby didn’t comply. Lori forces Maggie to do a C-section, knowing that there is no way she’d live through the ordeal. Poor Carl is in the room during the tragic birth, and witnesses his Mother’s fate. Carl knows that they can’t leave her dead body in peace, because she will come back as a walker, so he makes the hard choice and ends his own Mother’s zombie-life with one pull of his gun’s trigger. Lori’s death not only proved that Carl had become a hard nosed boy living in a post-apocalyptic world, but it also changed Rick for better or for worse.


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