The Wii May be Getting Bi-Racial in North America

For those who crave equality in all aspects of life your prayers may be getting answered next month.  No, racism won’t be abolished in the U.S., but we may be able to buy a Black Wii.  That’s right, for those of you who hate all things white you may now have a chance to get a Black Wii.  The Black Wii has been available in Japan and Europe for quite sometime, but rumor has it that racial equality as far as gaming consoles go, may be a reality starting May 9th when the dark colored Wii will hit store shelves in North America.

Is this seriously the biggest piece of news for Nintendo’s Wii these days?  I really feel like its novelty has worn off, so to increase console sales they’re giving North America a Black Wii.  Whoopty freaking doo!  Nintendo needs to focus on making some great games and not just releasing loads of gimmicky party titles that were designed by developers in training.  Nintendo should at least regurgitate their flagship franchises like Zelda, Metroid, and Mario more often than every couple of years.  They haven’t had a successful original IP since the 80’s.

I must be the weirdo though because consumers eat the Wii’s crappy titles up, so what do I know.  I guess if your Wii is clashing with your other entertainment devices go ahead and pick up the black version.  Trust me though, the new look won’t make it any better of a gaming device.  At least when Sony and Microsoft release newer versions of their consoles they add more features to the hardware.  You’ve been enlightened.

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