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Telltale Games is a development studio that needs little to no introduction. Its most recent critically acclaimed title, The Walking Dead, helped to raise the bar and indeed blur the lines when it comes to storytelling prowess in a video game. Now the GOTY winning studio is back with its latest episodic offering – The Wolf Among Us, with the hopes of wooing Fables fans just like it did with The Walking Dead fan base.

The Wolf Among Us is an episodic narrative driven game that is based on Vertigo’s Fables, which detail the lives of various fairy tale characters that have left their realm and have started fresh lives in New York City. If you have never read the comic books don’t let that minor omission put you off to this game. In fact it’s probably better to go into The Wolf Among Us blind so that your choices are not tainted by some preconceived knowledge, because there are tons of decisions to be made throughout the game.

Characters you know from your childhood have a wonderfully darker semblance
Characters you know from your childhood have a wonderfully darker semblance

If you played Telltale’s The Walking Dead you will feel instantly at home with Wolf’s controls and mechanics. QTE’s and dialogue options are the order of the day with some sleuthing scattered around for good measure. Some scenes are static and require you to walk around a little to find objects of interest, but for the most part The Wolf  Among Us play’s like a series of interactive cut scenes.

You play as Sheriff Bigby, formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf, who is trying to piece together the clues of some grizzly events that are befalling the residents of Fabletown. Along the way you are presented with many choices and how you act upon them will impact the story, and how other non-playable characters interact with you. An interesting thing to note is that you always appear to have the option to become the Big Bad Wolf from Bigby’s past in most of the dialogue options, and I guarantee there will be a few times that, thanks to the excellent writing and voice acting, you will find your mouse cursor hovering over the more aggressive responses.

Breaking into the Big Bad Wolf is a constant threat to Bigby
Breaking into the Big Bad Wolf is a constant threat to Bigby

There’s not actually much ‘game’ in The Wolf Among Us. The enjoyment factor come’s purely from the situations thrust upon you and how you deal with them – especially when under a time constraint. Will you make the right call, or will you blow it? That motif continually hangs over your head throughout the episodes two hour runtime. It’s a great mechanic, and one that will always leave you questioning your decisions after every button press.

The story itself is dark and twisted with overtones of film-noir. This gives The Wolf Among Us a great adult and gritty quality to it, making it thoroughly enjoyable. Like all good episodic adventures, ‘Faith’ does end with a suspenseful twist that will hopefully be further fleshed out in the second episode. Of course the great story wouldn’t be so interesting if the characters weren’t well realized, but that’s not the case in Wolf. Thankfully many of the supporting cast and Bigby himself are quite interesting, unique and downright odd characters to interact with, and you won’t want to part ways with them by the time you finish the first episode.

If you have a penchant for great storytelling in any form of media then you should grab this game right away. The same applies if you also enjoyed Telltale’s previous efforts, or are a fan of the Fables comic books. You wont be disappointed, but you knew that already didn’t you?

[schema type=”review” name=”The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith | Review Summary” description=”The Awesome: Compelling story, Great characters, Excellent voice acting, Forced choices | The Not So Awesome: Only 2 hours long, Having to wait for the next episode” rev_name=”The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith” rev_body=”The Wolf Among Us is another great example of how storytelling in gaming can bring out a tangible emotional response in its participants. It may be short but within it lay many questions that will leave you always second guessing your answers. Its dark plot and tone contrast nicely with its colorful visuals and equally colorful characters. It will leave you wanting to delve deeper into every facet of its interesting world, so it’s safe to say that The Wolf Among Us is off to a great start.” author=”TenBensons” pubdate=”2013-10-20″ user_review=”9″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”10″ ]

The Author received a review copy of this game for review purposes on the PC platform.

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