The Wolverine Funeral Clip Proves Logan’s Claws Have Been Nerfed

No blood flip from the wolverine
No blood flip from the wolverine

Another clip for James Mangold’s The Wolverine hit the ether late last night, and this one features the funeral scene that has been shown in nearly every trailer for the movie.

Once again the lack of blood and guts is frightening, especially when you consider that Logan is flipping bad guys into the air with his claws. By the way, these are the same claws that he used to slice open the side of a train car in the last clip that was shown for The Wolverine, so I find it hard to believe that they go all nerf-style when applied to human flesh.

Based on the comments this clip received I don’t think I’m alone in my repulsion of this sanitized portrayal of Wolverine violence. This comic book character doesn’t just knock bad guys out. One commenter in particular shares my exact opinion on this matter. Jimmy Wilder described his feelings on the latest The Wolverine clip by saying:

“what the hell is this? since when do wolverines claws “flip people in the air” ? what is he doing? what the hell is going on? this clip smells of hollywood and stupidity. i hope the movie isn’t as lame. one would wonder if the producers even watched hulk vs wolverine to get an idea of who and what wolverine really is and what he’s capable of. lame lame lame.”

After an hour of reflection Wilder went on to say:

“this lack of blood censorship bullshit is annoying. kids aren’t the ones making up the fucking ticket sales, adults are. wolverine doesn’t “slide people up in the air” with his claws. he cuts them in half.”

I agree completely with his statements, and I don’t think that makes us blood thirsty psychopaths! We just want to see Wolverine as he’s meant to be seen – Pissed off at the world, violent, and ready to remove someone’s body parts at a moments notice. Other superhero films can get away with not including graphic violence and copious amounts of life juice being sprayed all over the screen, but this isn’t the case for any movie starring Wolverine.

Unfortunately, cash is king, so compromises like the lack of blood in The Wolverine are to be expected these days. The suits in charge feel like their studios film will make more cash with a PG-13 rating since it opens up the roster of humans that can legally see it, and they’re probably right, but it doesn’t mean that long established violent franchises need to be stripped of their teeth just to put more butts in theater seats.

Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts on The Wolverine’s lack of blood and guts by dropping a comment down below. The Wolverine opens on July 26, 2013.

THE WOLVERINE – Official “Funeral” Clip #2 [HD]

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