There Are 3 Million iPads in the World Today and None Are Mine

Apple has just announced that they’ve sold 3 million iPads in 80 days!  So much for the iPads not having a true purpose.  Regardless of what you’re supposed to use it for the iPad has become the must-have new device of 2010.  I guess some Wall Street dummies only speculated that 2 million iPads would be sold in 2010 . The fact that 3 million have been purchased in less than 3 months only solidifies that people who work in corner offices and wear nice suits don’t always know their ass from a hole in the ground.

I’ve known since the first iPad reveal that this thing would be a success because I’m not a stuffy turd.  Since when has Apple released anything in the 21t century that hasn’t been a mega-hit?  Not everyone can be as all-knowing as me.  I just wish I had one myself.  You’ve been iPad’d…

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