Who hasn’t played with Legos at least once in their life?  Outside of the poor person who has no arms, I’d imagine that most everyone has tinkered with the Lego universe either through the recent games, or the old-school building blocks.  Typically, when I think about Legos I picture happiness and peace.  Those little brick guys looks so innocent and I could never imagine them in a negative light.  That thought has been forever tainted after watching, Lego: Black Ops.

Lego: Black Ops is a fan movie made by Keshen8 that puts the little yellow guys in the roles of COD multiplayer characters.  When I first saw the link on my YouTube page I imagined the video would be in the same vane as the games; cute and fun with Lego pieces serving as blood and guts.  Boy was I wrong!  Lego: Black Ops is one of the goriest things I’ve seen on YouTube.  If the Lego games were more like this I’d be inclined to play them, if not start a fan club for them.  There’s something about watching material that contains clean and friendly icons doing horrible things.

Lego: Black Ops contains all kinds of kills using the little brick bast*rds as the cannon fodder.  I’m talking head shots, knife stabs, explosions, and other demonic ways to cap a Lego dude.  I would rather play this game than Black Ops itself!  These have to be the baddest a*s Legos ever!  Check out the mayhem below.  You’ve been wondering if Lego dudes had brain matter…


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Via [Keshen8]


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