These Babes Could Literally Kick Your A*s and Look Good Doing It

The LBP Stunt Team’s Mickey Facchinello is back at it again with another brutal fight scene against another lovely lady warrior by the name of Amy Johnston.  Amy is from another stunt team known as the Thousand Pounds Action Company, and just like Mickey she could probably kick most of our as*es!  Their latest short, Part1 Chapter C, is a masterful battle that easily rivals their male counterparts on their respective crews.  It was shot by Vlad Rimburg, who also filmed the excellent Yo Soy un Hombre Loco project.  These three talents together equal awesomeness.  Check out some bada*s female martial arts action below, and don’t forget to watch Mickey’s and Amy’s fight reels while you’re down there!  You’ve been thinking that getting your a*s kicked by these two may not be that bad after all…

Part1 Chapter C

Mickey Facchinello Martial Arts/Stunt Reel

Amy Johnston 2011

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