These Cosplay Transformers Are the Coolest Fan Costumes of All-Time

Oh how I love cosplayers, especially when their in high-quality Transformer costumes!  I’ll be the first one to admit that I too have participated in some cosplay, mainly during the Star Wars prequel era, and outside of feeling like a huge nerd it was a fun memorable experience.  I had a modest Jedi costume and some props, but overall it was a fairly simple getup.  It definitely didn’t have anything on the two fellas below, who could be sporting some of the coolest cosplay outfits of all-time.  These two geeks managed to create Optimus Prime and Starscream costumes that would make any Halloween fan green with envy.  The best part is that their Transformer costumes also transform!  They’re not just robot costumes, but actually can be rearranged into the vehicle forms of Prime and Starscream.

I’m sure these costumes cost more money than the geeks who are wearing them have to spend on frivolous activities, but the awesome factor was surely enough to convince these guys to make them in the first place.  Check out a video of them in action below!  Geeks are without a doubt the most creative people in the Universe.  You’ve been amazed at what people will do for things they love…

Transformer Cosplay Geeks


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