These Days it Seems that Microsoft is More Innovative than Apple


That’s a pretty bold statement to make, and it comes from a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy, so you should take it pretty seriously.  After viewing some recent Microsoft Research Lab demos though, I’m not so sure that the statement is that far off.  Microsoft has definitely embraced their innovations in 3D motion capture, interactive holograms, and large display technology, and based on the two videos below I don’t think we’re too far off from using these science fiction movie gadget pipe dreams.

In the end it will all come down to how MS markets these new technologies, and if they implement the same strategy they used for the Surface tablet, then I fear they will ultimately fail.  Maybe Apple and MS should team up once again so they can bring the best of their brands together to create the ultimate geek gadget.  That’ll be the day.

You can check out some of the new MS tech in action after the break.  You’ve been wanting to get in on this hologram action…


Toward Large-Display Experiences

Microsoft Research: Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible


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