These Guys Suck at Rock Band Reloaded For the iPad

I saw an announcement today that Rock Band Reloaded was released on iTunes today for the iPad and iPhone.  I’m a big fan of rhythm based music games when I can use a fake instrument to play them, which you don’t in Reloaded unless you have a prosthetic hand.  Don’t get me wrong, Rock Band Reloaded looks freaking amazing on the iPad, but I just don’t see the thrill in tapping on the colored chords versus strumming them with a piece of crappy Chinese plastic.

You’ll see in the video below that up to 2 people can play together when using Rock Band Reloaded on the iPad.  Again, I think the technology going on here is amazing.  The game looks wonderful for a mobile app, and it’s insane that it has local multiplayer built into it.  On the flip side, do you really envision yourself huddled around an iPad looking like a rhythmless flunky like the bozos in the video below?  I like my buddies, but not enough that I want to be within 10 inches of them while playing a game on the same iPad.  By the way, I’m not sure if these gamers just really suck and have no rhythm, or if the touch response isn’t quite dialed in on the iPad, but these dudes blow!  Check it out below.  You’ve had your personal space violated just to play an instrument based game with no instruments…


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