Thief Trailer Highlights The Master Thief And His Bow

Garrett with bow in Thief

Garrett with bow in Thief

One of the pioneers of the stealth genre is set to make their return in glorious HD. Garrett is back to steal from the wealthy in Eidos Montreal’s Thief reboot.

Console gamers may not be as familiar as their PC counterparts with the Thief series, but the cult classic was revolutionary for many of the elements it brought to the table. Avoiding combat in first person games was absolutely unheard of until landmark games such as this and the original Deus Ex.

Gameplay elements aside, the story follows Garrett, a former orphan who has ascended from the streets to master thief through a combination of luck and guile. The steampunk answer to Robin Hood is gearing up to rob from the rich once more. Are you ready for the challenge?

Garrett the Master Thief – E3 2013 Trailer (UK)

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