Thief’s New Trailer is Six Minutes of Awesome Thievery


The upcoming Thief reboot has caused quite the stir in the gaming world since the project was first announced. Long-time fans of the fabled stealth series cried foul at many of the changes made to modernize the franchise.

However, everything that has been seen of Thief has shown that both Eidos and Square Enix have been dedicated to creating an experience that will feel both natural to series veterans and welcoming to those who have never stalked the streets of Garret.

In a new – and lengthy – trailer, entitled ‘Thief 101’, viewers are treated to an in-depth look into the world of Thief. Shadowy streets, huge heists, and masterful traps are rampant within the City of Thief and the new trailer serves as a great way to acclimate players.

Garret’s skills as a thief are unparalleled and he will have to put each and every one to the test in Thief. Navigating the shadows is made easier with Garret’s focus ability which can highlight dangerous traps and valuables to look.

With Garret’s repertoire of thieving staples, as well as his new abilities as seen in the trailer, it is clear that no locked door is safe in Thief.

Take a look at the Thief 101 trailer below, and look for the game to hit shelves for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 25, 2014.

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