ThinkGeek had their usual spot at PAX East this year, right with the Indie Mega Booth showcasing their awesome wares. Every time they release new items, I’m always pleasantly surprised with what kind of neat little stuff they have–even if it’s just a funky set of coasters or an action figure or something.

This year, Taylor and I both got the chance to swing by the booth and talk to the lovely Jessica Darrican, who informed us on just a few of the new products that they had there. She also let us have a couple of freebies for taking the time to come over and talk, namely an 8-bit flower pot wall decoration (adorable). The other thing that we got was a Diablo III magnet/wall mount bottle opener, and this thing is awesome!

The magnets on this thing are super strong–I was worried that having it on a fridge and trying to use it would pop the opener right off the fridge. This thing could probably hang onto a space shuttle blasting off into outer space. You’re much better off just trying to slide it off the edge of the fridge instead. Of course, you can also mount it on the wall (though neither of us live in a place that would be okay with us putting holes in the wall, so boo). It looks badass as hell and is nearly mandatory for any fan of the game!

Check out the ThinkGeek website often for new and awesome additions to your nerdy collections and your household. There’s sweet apparel, too!


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