Thinking That Gran Turismo 5 is Going to be Fast? Think Again!

Sure, most races in the new Gran Turismo 5 game are going to be lightning fast and showcase just how fast you can make a machine go, but this is not always the case.  Especially if you choose a race that features the old school Fiat cars, which look eerily similar to the infamous Yugo.  I’m guessing these cars have souped up lawnmower engines in them, because as you’ll see in the video, these little turds on wheels can’t even make it up a hill!  Talk about the effects of physics!

Really?  I know Gran Turismo games strive to create the illusion of a life-like experience when it comes to racing games, but a car so weak it can’t drive up a hill?  That’s just taking things too seriously!  It is comical to see these little fail wagons trying their best the little engine that could impressions.  Talk about epic fail?  Check out the Fiat’s struggles below.  You’ve been forced to drive slow, really flipping slow…

The fun starts at 2:00 in with the epic fail happening around 4:00 in


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