This 400GB Smartphone Raises the Bar of What Mobile Devices Could Be

The folks at Saygus have created an IndiGoGo campaign to turn their new mobile product into reality and into consumers’ hands. The V Squared boasts a potential 464GB of storage with a 21 megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 13 megapixel front-facing camera, as well as the ability to record in 4K. For comparison’s sake, current gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony top out at 500GB (though 1TB consoles will be released in the near future), making this handheld device a monster for the memory needy.

saygus v squared

The phone comes standard with 64GB of storage, and contains dual sim slots to provide an additional 400GB. In addition to the storage and camera sizes, Saygus teamed up with Harmon/Kardon for the audio to provide a quality sound, and boasts a fully waterproof seal. The V Squared also allows gamers to send whatever game they’re playing to a nearby TV in HD with no lag time.

The campaign has reached its goal of $1 million dollars, and is still accepting funding with twenty days remaining. You can check out their page here, and see the video above for the info.


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