This Avengers: Annihilation Fan Art Poster Could Work for Avengers 4

Image Credit: BossLogic

Photoshop king, BossLogic, has created another fan art poster for Avengers 4, and he’s running with the Avengers: Annihilation title for it. That is one of many rumored titles that Avengers 4 may go with, and after seeing it on Logic’s poster, I’m down.

I just like the clear nod to Thanos with all of the purple hues, and then of course there are the details to take in. Such as finding all of the Avengers scattered throughout the piece. It’s also just pretty epic looking in terms of the pure chaotic feel it exudes.

The Boss even released a second version with more characters on it, but he didn’t add the movie title, so I’m not as big of a fan. I do like the extra character hunt though, as he provides many more Avengers to look for.

Hopefully we get an official announcement on Avenger 4’s title before the year is out. I would think it’s coming soon, or at least a trailer, because May 2019 is fast approaching.


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