This Custom Built Computer Desk Case Will Make Your PC Feel Inadequate

One of my faithful followers @TreborNoslen shot me a link to what may be the most geektastic computer case of all-time.  I’m talking some really slick gear that any hardware nerd would give their left nut for.  A man from the Netherlands who goes by the handle L3P D3sk created this masterpiece for the 2011 Cooler Master Case Mod Competition, and if he doesn’t win I’d say that this competition is fixed, or the winner turned in a fully working Transformer case.  L3P’s creation is actually an entire aluminum and glass desk that houses all of the PC hardware.

Imagine a Hippy Sitting at This Thing?

It boasts an Intel i7 processor that can be overclocked up to 4.5Ghz, 10TB of storage, and some of the wickedest looking lighting effects that you’d only see at a Pink Floyd Planetarium concert.  This desk computer took Peter (L3P) over 8 months to complete, and I would have to imagine a sum of money that most people would use to buy a car, or maybe even a house.  The best part about this computer desk case is that it is completely silent due to the fact that it is completely water-cooled.  Typically, if you had a computer the size of a desk it would sound like a jet plane taking off all day long.  Just ask any IT professional that has ever been in a server room or data center how loud server sized computers can get.

Geek Bone Anyone?

Make sure to head on over to this link and vote for your favorite case mod on the Cooler Master site.  From the looks of things I’d say that the L3P D3sk is going to walk away with this competition, but the TRON lightcycle case is pretty excellent in its own right.  For a full list of the L3P D3sk’s hardware click on this link.  I totally want this thing for Entertainment Buddha Central Command, so if you want to buy one for me I wouldn’t say no!  For a full list of pics you can head over here.  You’ve been experiencing geek envy like you’ve never felt before.

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